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California marijuana market poised to explode
Looking around last week at the exhibitor showroom of CannaCon, the huge marijuana-business expo held outside Seattle, Greg James had something of an epiphany: The pot industry in America is growing like, you guessed it, a weed. "There was …
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Weed on Wheels: Washington and Colorado Send Mixed Messages About
In Washington, as in Colorado, finding a place where you can legally consume the marijuana you can now legally buy is no simple matter. Under I-502, the ballot initiative that legalized marijuana for recreational use in Washington, customers of state …
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Sipping and tripping: The growing market for weed-infused edibles
Legal sales of recreational marijuana in Washington state kicked off in July. But edible pot products like cookies and oils didn't hit the shelves until earlier this month because of more strict regulations. Now, “drinkables,” or cannabis-infused …
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