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Supreme Court to rule on warrantless searches of electronic devices
A woman the police saw through the apartment's window matched the phone's wallpaper picture, court records show. With a search warrant, the cops found a firearm, ammunition, marijuana, and crack cocaine inside the residence. Wurie challenged the …
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"The New IRS" Lets You Allocate Your Own Federal Tax Dollars
Until the report is released on Thursday, it's impossible to know how many people will have contributed Personal Allocation Plans to the project–and there's no guarantee that those who do will have usefully thoughtful about it (i.e., not allocate 100 …
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KUKLINSKI: Internet comment section system needs revamping to promote
YouTube has enabled content creators to weed out language that they'd rather not see on their comments. It's not a means to prevent criticism but rather to avoid having excessive vulgarity and demeaning language wallpaper the comments. The Chicago Sun …
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