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Marijuana 'edibles' pack a wallop
DENVER — A casual marijuana smoker, Kyle Naylor figured he'd give edible marijuana products a try to see if they'd curb his anxiety and insomnia. It didn't go well. Eighty minutes into his experiment, Naylor got intensely sick and lost control of his …
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In a Washington sports bar, patrons with pot are living the high life
Frank Schnarr has upset state officials by allowing patrons to smoke marijuana in his bar. Even though Washington state last year passed a law allowing marijuana smoking, the law forbids public use. Schnarr has flouted the law, making enemies and friends.
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Report: Bills were already concerned about Dareus' marijuana use
Graham reports that the Bills have had concerns about Dareus' marijuana use since Chan Gailey was the team's coach, which basically means that they have been concerned about it for pretty much Dareus' entire tenure since Gailey was fired after the 2012 …