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Zach Harper's NBA playoff assist: 4/7
Peyton Manning set the NFL single-season yards record and threw four touchdown passes to clinch the top seed in the AFC playoffs for the Denver Broncos with a 34-14 victory Sunday over the Oakland Raiders. Kevin Harlan and Solomon Wilcots recap all …

Marijuana Gets Muscle Boost: Makers of Aminoplex Acquire Hemp Company
"Once we complete restructuring of Hemp Technologies we will apply for a license to grow hemp," said Bill Chaaban, president of Creative Edge Nutrition. "The seeds are going to be an issue, because the U.S. doesn't have a seed bank. There are seed …
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'Ist das nicht eine Schnitzel Bank?'
Hemp's seed oil burned in lamps and was a key ingredient in soap. Hemp is no longer grown in part because cotton, cheaper to produce, replaced it. Also, hemp is a harmless type of cannabis plant related to marijuana. When Congress, which prefers booze, …
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