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Six Months In, How Has Marijuana Legalization Treated Colorado?
Though some have called for prohibition to be reinstated due to the overdose problems with edibles, especially after it was reported that one child died of a marijuana overdose after eating a homemade marijuana-infused brownie, Ryan explained that …
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Barcelona Is Fighting an Overdose of Cannabis Clubs
Although selling marijuana is against the law in Spain, some regions allow local residents to set up nonprofit clubs whose members grow and share it for personal use. As recently as 2011, only a few dozen such groups were in the Catalonia region, which …
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Americans Aren't Too Concerned By Edible Marijuana Horror Stories
One study has shown that a person would have to consume 20,000 to 40,000 times the THC in one joint to die from a marijuana overdose. Other polls suggest that when push comes to shove, Americans do see alcohol as the greater danger. A Pew Research …
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