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Ridge marijuana company has big plans
Remo Colasanti is the brain behind Remo Cannabrands, which sells nutrients to legal marijuana producers but has plans to create a new line of marijuana-infused edibles, beverages and tinctures. “We've been making batches literally in our garage and can …
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LEGAL MARIJUANA? International business owner seeks to create medicinal
The Southern Illinois Airport has a cultivation site in the works for medicinal marijuana.Anthony D. Fiacchino, President of AeroStar Global Logistics, Inc. & AG Logistical Services, Inc. and AGWEA Cultivation Center Agent, is behind the operation. He …
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Dr. John: Hemp nutrition, polyneuropathy
Hemp is the seed, oil or powder from the cannabis plant and is a good source of fiber and nutrients. Although hemp is related to marijuana the plants used for hemp are different than those used to produce marijuana. Hemp is a source of omega 3 and …