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Canadian soldiers from the India company, 2nd Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment alongside Afghan National Army soldiers launch a predawn assault on a suspected Taliban stronghold in Sangsar, Khari District, Kandahar province, Afghanistan on June 20, 2007. Under cover of darkness, they maneuver through dense fields of grapes, poppy, and six foot tall marijuana plants. As they close in on their target area, they encounter fierce resistance from AK47, machine gun, and RPGs, rocket propelled grenades, from a series of mudhut compounds. The running battle which ensues lasts for four hours. Despite intense and repeated fire from small arms, tanks, and close air support (A10 attack planes, F15s, and Apache attack helicopters, the besieged Taliban fighters launch a dozen counter attacks over the course of the battle. Three ANA soldiers and two Canadian soldier are wounded and at least 15 Taliban fighters are reported killed. Caches of weapons, including RPGs, ammunition, and explosives are recovered from the overrun Taliban positions. As they return to their base, the Canadian soldiers learn that 3 fellow soldiers from a nearby sister company were just killed in an IED attack. These latest deaths bring the Canadian forces to a total of 60 dead, mostly in Kandahar province, where Canada has led military operations for the past 18 months.

Madison police chief supports marijuana legalization
“The rate of arrests … for possession of marijuana, as is the case of most possessory drug crimes, is significantly higher for African-American males than it is for the rest of the demographics of our city,” Koval said. According to an analysis by MPD …
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Why pregnancy and pot don't – and shouldn't – mix
The fall of the Roman Empire is the subject of much debate, and includes attention to the possible role of their aqueducts, lined with lead. More likely, the decline was the result of lead poisoning caused by the consumption of grape juice boiled in …
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