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Duval County Health Department tries to turn itself around after scathing audit
Those were just a few of the findings of a July 2013 audit of the Duval County Health Department. The review by the state inspector general was never released publicly. The Times-Union found the report on the inspector general's website. At this time …
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Health Department reports rat spottings in Montclair
Rats have been spotted wandering the areas of Summit Avenue and Grove Street, Montclair Health Inspector Bob Jernick has confirmed with The Montclair Times. Jernick reported that the rats were spotted by residents crossing through a yard and sitting on …

Vermont Health Department urges parents to vaccinate children before school
“Your child should have all of the vaccines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention's immunization schedule to protect classmates and the community,” said the Health Department's Immunization Program Chief Christine Finley. “Check …