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Marijuana Addiction Is Rare, But Very Real
“There was certainly no physical addiction. If you stopped eating chocolate, you would want to have chocolate again, but it's not really addictive.” Millions of other Americans are like George — they can pick up and put down marijuana relatively easily.
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Don't Call it Synthetic Marijuana: Conner Reid Eckhardt, Addiction and Herbal
Synthetic drugs can be kind of scary, and this is coming from someone who likes to be frightened and pushed out of her comfort zone. Herbal incense is often called synthetic marijuana, but the name is misleading. It makes people think that herbal …
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Washington Post Columnist: Marijuana Is About as Addictive as Video Gaming
Setting aside that fact, “the 9 percent addiction rate for marijuana users is substantially lower than the 15 percent addiction rate for alcohol drinkers and the 33 percent addiction rate for tobacco users. This comports with more recent research …
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