Lady Gaga Says She’s Addicted to Marijuana

Lady Gaga said she was addicted to marijuana in an interview with Elvis Duran on the Z100 Morning Show on Friday, Nov. 8, 2013, and that she decided to speak… Addiction to Cannabis? Marijuana Anonymous ask 12 questions to determine if you are addicted to weed. You may have a marijuana…


  • StationOfTerrapin

    so goddamn accurate to how smoking weed all the time affected me.. although
    i dont have the cash or weed flow to smoke 15 joints a day. ill go through
    like 2 grams or more a day when i get into weed thats like 20 bucks a day.
    think about how fucking expensive that is. I hate weed honestly. it lost
    its magic in high school for me. 

  • arbiter569

    She’s sooo cool, just kidding

  • 702Blunt

    I been smoking weed for 4 years and now I stopped I don’t think it’s
    addicting I’m not selling my things to buy weed or I’m not twitching or

  • Cash Rothschild

    If she could stop without dying – then she was not addicted. She did this
    so the Repubs would like her.

  • Sarah Edgecombe

    this drug inst as innocent as people make out i find this ironic just
    recently justin beiber got arrested and seth rogan and lady gaga were
    supporting him not a surprised!, its not the best drug to choose from
    people need to see that you can live a life without false happiness. this
    is not me bashing medical form and as you know with medical weed they take
    out the elements that get you high so for all you stoners you should stop
    using that as a excuse 

  • Bruce Willis

    she obviously doesn’t smoke because nobody who really smokes weed calls
    them marijuana cigarettes

  • StationOfTerrapin

    weed is so fucking addictive for me and many i know. i started 5 years
    starting at a young age will do it

  • Cash Rothschild

    If you have Mental illness like Schizophrenia, if you stop smoking
    marijuana, then your meds stop working, and you could die. Marijuana
    suppresses schizophrenic symptoms and is used in psyche wards all
    throughout the continent of South America. Lady Gaga is an idiot.

  • Cash Rothschild

    It’s really an awful thing to witness, when you read the story about how
    and why Marijuana got prohibited, and how people think that’s a good thing,
    because they are fooled by Big Textiles, Big Oil, Big Pharmaceuticals, and
    The Privatized Prisons. It’s a Civil Rights Issue, disagree with me, and
    you are on the wrong side of history. William Randolph Hearst is
    masturbating in his grave right now. 

  • Iamratherdashingly

    its called MODERATION.
    if your burning yourself out just take a break. go do something u usually
    dont do. i smoke regularly and take regular breaks because i have crohns
    disease and acid reflux along with others. but i HAVE to moderate it or
    else ill be coughing to much or “feeling stupid”
    when coming off of bud its easy. just go do something you usually dont like
    volunteer or go see the family, do something totally random to make someone
    elses day better.
    dont just smoke the peace pipe. smoke the peace pipe and continually make
    peace with others 

  • Megadeth6633

    “were you addicted to it because of an addiction?”

    wow, IQ level is high there

  • jay bull

    how do you get addicted to pot wtf 

  • MaddStories

    Yeah addicted to weed. I see addicts selling there body’s for coke and meth
    and heroin i don’t see ANYONE sucking other mens dicks just to buy a 10 bag
    be realistic when was the last time you heard anything on the news about
    People being addicted to weed, exactly you don’t people have to realize all
    this Proper ganda is a load of bull ****, weed brings people together. For
    example the crime rate in Colorado and California has dropped insainly
    since it was legalized and country’s are starting to realize all this FACTS
    about this drugs were all lies.

  • agis lax

    i’m glad that she
    s admitting to her addiction. good for you gaga i hope that you get over
    all of your addictions.

  • HIGHt0wer420

    no it was not

  • Quit Weed

    Take a look at my video How to quit smoking weed and click on show more.I
    cover that subject there.

  • Quit Weed

    Oh Oh… Does that worry you at all?

  • albertfrinkey

    The last question is why I gave up a few months back.I ultimately decided
    my family meant more to me than anything else including getting high

  • DanielMRGriffiths

    Physically no, you can not be addicted, but mentally, you can be addicted
    to anything.

  • rouncer81

    i said yes to em all man.

  • harry leonard

    You’ve got me worried dude coz I answered yes to pretty much all those

  • Owain Williams

    Quite literally a yes to every single question.

  • Quit Weed

    Sure man visit the link below the video if you need some help.

  • judybeachlover

    I definitely relate to question 4 because ALL my friends are potheads.

  • jeramytollar

    Man I’ve wanted to quit weed forever just can’t seem to do it.

  • Quit Weed

    Yep number 3 is a biggie and a sure sign you may have a problem

  • Quit Weed

    It is addictive for sure if you let it be. Increased usage, a need to smoke
    every day, moody when you don’t have any. Sounds like an addiction doesn’t

  • carlosxx

    I answered yes to quite a few of these questions.Should I start worrying?

  • Joe Gress

    its is not addictive

  • TheSquire99

    I’m glad you posted this video, My son was addicted to pot and it nearly
    ended our relationship.Thankfully we managed to reconcile when he finally
    quit.To all young people out there read question number 12 carefully and
    ask yourself if it is worth it.

  • Quit Weed

    Yeah I agree with you IF you can use weed occasionally and not have it be a
    negative then it is OK.Personally I prefer life completely without it.

  • krazy1able

    i said yes to all of them. And i couldent be happier !

  • Quit Weed

    Right on… Family means more than anything else,Keep it up

  • Stiffonda Reefah

    I’ve been there buddy. Just find another activity or sport to make up for
    it! But you must want it baaaaaaaaaaaaaad see?

  • ZuKoOG


  • harvbennett

    I think have a problem what do you think I should do about it?

  • Quit Weed

    If you feel your life is being affected negatively then you might want to
    start assessing whether you have a problem or not

  • notimeoffyet

    I heard cannabis wasn’t addictive am I wrong?