Kings of Cannabis (Full Length Documentary)

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  • Julián David Bautista Osorio

    8:40 [inaudible] = Medellin

  • dmrrider1


    Every time I’m on the toilet

  • FIRSTconcentrate

    Another clever documentary designed to promote drugs. The happiest people
    in history were advocates of prayer, sex and meditation, not smoking and
    snorting. Even Gene Simmons knows better than to touch drugs.

  • Aaron Rodriguez

    the amount of cannabis smokers and people involved in the canna. culture is
    insurmountably higher than those not involved and or against it. If it
    sells then there’s business. It’s that simple. If there’s money to be
    made, then there’s people doing business. All the political propaganda
    which slanders cannabis is just a fugazi cleverly ployed to keep the
    ignorant poor and complacent, and the conscious observers rich and
    thriving. Pick a side and shut your hole about the harmful effects, no one
    wants to hear your craziness. Great episode, +VICE 

  • Kyle H

    Cali, Colombia. It’s the only right name for that town

  • tyxno

    i would like to do this.

  • GiraffesEatWindmills

    I dreamed a dream in time gone by
    when hope was high
    and so was I

  • James Karalus

    bunch of stoners

  • Dean M

    The skinny dude reminds me of Borat, hahah…

  • Mark Pontius

    What’s the best way to flush the system these days?

  • Isaiah Yeates

    the only reason weed has such a bad rep is because our dumbass government
    banned it so it went on the black government.. if they didnt people would
    think of it as a medicine not a drug and it sure as hell wouldnt be a
    gateway because of course if you buy weed from a dealer they will have coke
    and meth and all that shit like fuck

  • PyscoKiller711

    super lemon haze <3 

  • Claude Bernhard

    “all inhale the king”

  • William Lewis

    who cares who invented what lets not fight its not what this is about its
    about good smoke 10000 of happy free people and makeing it so you can smoke

  • Mr Maker

    Alcohol took the life of my uncle.

  • Bakerman is Bakin Bread

    damn that guy with the petrol bottle nearly fucking killed himself at the
    end there

  • N e b u l a rex

    its sucks to be smoking weed resin when watching this

  • Sean Stone

    is this elligle