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Help detox your liver naturally through the foods you eat. Dr. Group gives his list of the top 14 Foods to help cleanse the liver. Visit http://www.globalhea…


  • allencrider

    Don’t do a liver cleanse, just stop eating meat, dairy, and oil. Switch to
    a whole foods, plant based way of eating.

  • Ncyim

    Please rethink the grain endorsement. Grain is pro-inflammatory, mostly GMO
    & super toxic especially to long term cognitive health. 

  • ReptilianWhisperer

    Good vid!

  • Lind Mcgee

    I was recently diagnosed with fatty liver and a very low functioning
    gallbladder and was told I needed to see a surgeon for a cholecystectomy.
    I had two tests done, an ultra sound and Hida Scan which didn’t show any
    signs of gallstones. My digestive system is very sluggish to the point of
    having acid reflux almost on a daily basis. The least amount of food make
    me feel full. I’m always bloated and have mild gut pain. Now I’ve
    noticed that my face has broken out with acne not to mention I’m always
    sleep deprived. I will definitely try these foods because I’m at the end
    of my rope with this pain and all the nasty symptoms. Thanks for posting.

  • muzz brudr

    Great video thanks! im currently just taking organic apple cider vinegar,
    grapefruit juice, chlorella for liver and probiotics/psyllium for
    intestines, as well as cranberry, vitamin c, flax seed oil and organic zinc
    for rest of the body, havent felt as good in a very long time! also have
    gone vegan raw food, but then by end of the week im buying a nice ribeye
    steak or something lol.

  • Ellypso Waratahs

    Fortunately I often eat or drink most of these foods really good for the
    liver! But mine also needs to be cleansed I know: I’ve got stones in it &
    my gallblader. I have been hesitating for a long while now because I’m a
    bit afraid of this process (being uncomfortable, having pain…). But I
    will do it I know.

  • Norabc Hasnaa

    Eating too much garlic can be toxic . Be moderate because garlic is very
    strong same like herb are very important but if you exceed it can harm you
    . Coffee enema, milk thistle, dandelion, beet juice are the best for liver
    cleanse . go slow to get the best results don’t force your body otherwise
    you get negative results.

  • SupaFlyBoyZz699

    Thanks Dr

  • joe orefice

    a lot of this is so confusing not knowing what to take

  • PrincessAloeVera

    more than a tiny bit of garlic (raw is more toxic than cooked) can be way
    too toxic for most people! the rest here is good info I think, but look
    on youtube for the warnings of the toxicity of garlic. 

  • IResonateWithU

    Youtube posters here saying “dont eat garlic! its poison!” aprox 78 of
    My 94 yr old grandmother is still eating lots of garlic,watching her
    soaps,and doing her cross-words. Shut up, your not doctors.

  • 75lexluther

    im so confuse… Garlic…some say it poisons the body…others say it
    helps the body……whose telling the truth here?

  • Floydd

    iceburg lettuce makes feel good after a night out. I dont know what it is,
    but lcold lettuce makes me right again.

  • 7t1Mookie

    All ingredients mentioned have their value. What i didn’t hear in this
    video is that not all ingredients are suited for every body type….western
    medicine doesnt really look at the 3 Dosha’s (body types), like Ayurveda
    does. What it’s coming down to: One man’s medicine is an other man’s
    poison. So, find out which foods work for you and which to stay away from
    or use in very low amounts. Start being alert on how your body and mind
    respond to different foods.

  • PutuPup

    I am so glad you did not forget to mention Avocado and its glutathione
    I also like the use of the herb milk thistle.
    Great presentation thanks.

  • Lindie Lee

    14 foods are –Garlic, grapefruit, beets and carrots, green tea, leafy
    green veggies, avocados, apples, olive oil/flax seed oil/hemp seed oil,
    whole grains, cruciferous vegetables, lemons and limes, walnuts, cabbage,
    turmeric. Others artichoke, kale and Brussels sprouts. . Liver cleanse
    2-3 times a year

  • Casey Lee

    Thank you

  • Bridget McElhone

    One grapefruit a bay keeps the toxic liver away

  • Mike Schreifer

    Would U tell me what is Tamerieck or tamarit? What kind of vegetable is
    that? I never have heard of it.Could U down load a picture of this vegie?

  • Seth Goldberg

    First off, garlic is not toxic or poison. If that were the case, most
    Koreans would not be alive. Also, grains are not toxic or poison either
    unless they have been GMOed. The only approved GMO grain on the market
    right now is corn. Go to the Non-GMO website to find out correct
    information about what is and what is not GMO. It also lists foods that
    are being considered for GMO, (rice and wheat are part of that group but as
    of now, are still GMO free). Correct knowledge is power and people who
    purposely spread disinformation or try and downplay the dangers of GMOs are
    some bitter lonely people who dwell in misery, aka trolls. 

  • Clotty Olivera

    Thank you Doctor. God bless you.

  • MusicsAngelica

    he reminds me of shaggy from scooby doo! great video! :)