K2 Summit. Will K2 Synthetic Marijuana Get You High?

The perspective of a true pot connosiour on probation. Im an avid smoker, I love to chill and get high. Now I’m not at all lazy, in fact im a phD student in cell and molecular biology. I would smoke real buds over this but I’m on probation and that would result in jail time so this stuff is a GODSEND!! Now for my analysis — I smoke joints of K2, I jokingly call them kajoints. I get really high from K2 a high starttlingly similiar to bud. At first I was afraid because of probation but I’m confident it wont fail you for a drug screen.


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The high is like a good sativa, not an indica high at all. Allow me to elaborate, its an active high like all true sativa varieties, you will feel high and you wont have a tired feeling like was stated above. The high last for about an hour then tapers off into nothing – no headaches no nausea no tired grogginess. It tastes bland but not terrible, smells about like it tastes. Im still in shock that I can get high legally FTW!! That all being said when I’m off of probation i’ll probably never smoke K2, weed is better. The smell and taste of pot is something I hold near and dear, the high well its about the same, weed may last a little longer. In fact if I had to choose dirt weed or K2 id prolly go with K2, but I dont smoke the dirty stuff. In synopsis K2 is legal with a great high, I thank the scietists who had the idea for this mixture of spices that get you stoned, im not joking you smoke a kajoint by yourself and tell me different you will be high as a kite.

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Are you on probation or parole ?

Do you like to smoke WEED and can’t?

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