Joe Rogan: Pros and Cons on Cannabis

Joe Rogan (Fear Factor Host / UFC Announcer) Talks About Being Pro Weed, The Good Effects & Why The Government Wont Legalize It.


  • Antoine Desnoyers

    Life is so much better without weed. Natural highs are the bests ones

  • desnoyers111

    pot sucks it makes you fuckin lazy and ruins your life

  • Shane Nicholas

    two coolest dudes on the plannet

  • Brett Metts

    Okay so I need some help here.. I’m 15 and I have.. Slight depression..
    Severe insomnia (I get about 3 hours of sleep ever 2 days and I take about
    3-4 sleeping pills or about 2 mucles relaxers a night….) Im always
    stressed (because my sleep interferes with school and everything) I have
    anxiety.. I’m socially awkward (I have 3 friends) my life sucks.. I was
    wondering if pot would help me.. My brother has been smoking pot sense he
    was 13 (hes 21 now) and my mom was always cool with him smoking.. so i dont
    think she’ll kick me out or anything like that So I’ve been around it alot
    and have smoked it once or twice.. I just really need help here.. 

  • Rebecca Herbert

    im very glad they admit drugs can ruin peoples lives. ignoring that fact
    would be wrong. I also think its wrong that the law says weed is illegal
    while a bar can sell alcohol every night.

  • Justin Mardis

    Weed. Is. Bad 

  • Philip Anikin

    How does it enhance our life exactly? I know it makes you calm and relax.
    But how does it enhances us spiritually? 

  • XshadowmonX

    I dont smoke marijuana but damn no hate on this video lol

  • Jimmy Baggett

    People who become “lazy” because of smoking cannabis aren’t actually lazy.
    They just stop caring about the social stigma of what success really is. If
    you are alive, you are alive. How hard you work to live in a house that’s
    too big or finance a car that is more expensive just because of the brand
    is an optional lifestyle. And society looks down on you if achieving these
    unnecessary things isn’t your life’s aspirations. People can live great and
    happy lives in a small house and a cheap car if they don’t require more
    room. It’s all about your life experience. How happy you are. Objectively,
    the bigger your house and the more paper in your pocket do not give you a
    good life. Smoking weed just reminds you to pull your head out of the

  • Jason A.M.

    Medical Fact: Cannabis is healthier than Tobacco & Alcohol. 

  • Mike Smith

    I tried pot, it made me question the government, now I know why it’s
    illegal O.o

  • Bob Saget

    I love smoking weed and playing grand theft auto 5.

  • BigNastyreborn

    lol buy some books, go buy some pot! thats first hand experience.

  • TaylorBoy97178

    U take that Fork n stick it up your fukin eye balls lol u go do tht