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Image by Charles Mok
HKCS HITSID Digital Agenda Forum: "Opportunities in Health IT for Hong Kong", Sep 24 2007

Health and Fitness are the paramount concerns of the current age. So it is important to keep Your Body Healthy. Formerly people acclimated to coursing for their income, as a result of which their physique had to abide countless concrete work out. This all shaped life into a more active trend. But today life has turn out to be added easy and painless. All that we call for is just a buzz alarm away. This simple activity has belted bodies to do that speck of concrete exercise which is appropriate to accumulate the physique robust and in good physical shape. We get instantaneous, ambrosial and array of cuisine which drop their diet for the period of the procedure.

How on earth do we certain that we accept all that we charge to accept an advantageous existing? This is a big catechism rising as a part of everyone’s life. We charge able diet and an athletic and advantageous body. High-quality physical condition is all that one desires for. In order to Keep Your Body Healthy you need a lot of determination and honesty in the tough attempts.

1. Nutrition: Your treatment is your diet. Ayurveda has accepted the role of aliment and particularly comestible fares for keeping up health as able-bodied as treatment of illnesses. Nutrients are all-important for the able activity of psychological, corporeal, digestive, and actinic and activities of the glands. The physique is like an apparatus that will do the adjustment and clean itself if able diet is supplied in the form of food. Sumptuous diet is accessible in fruits and vegetables. Fruits accept the accommodation to accord all that a physique demands. How to consume? What to consume? Which bake-apple helps in which way? These are important as well as difficult questions to answer. Always take the help of an experienced guide.

2. Exercise and Fitness: Effortless body keep up training can aid to accept a bigger and advantageous life. Stretching ones can assist in abounding means in shaping a bigger body. Calorie shedding off can be accomplished by proper scheduled and simple effortless approved exercises. Therapeutic advances can appear by constant brainwork and work out to Keep Your Body Healthy. Yoga and added trainings that can be practiced calmly can be learned and first timers should always start with those to make your body habitual to the tougher ones.

3. For kids: This one is further divided into –
• Proper intake of food
• Breakfast should be the properly taken meal of the day
• Variety is the key; eat loads of different kinds of foods
• Compulsory fruits and vegetables
• Take in ample of liquids
• Take care of your personal hygiene
• Go out and play; be active daily
• Carbohydrates should be compulsory

4. For Men : further divided into:
• Trans fats to be shunned
• Multivitamin diet
• Keep moderate weight
• To Keep Your Body Healthy avoid alcohol

5. For Women: further divided into:
• Feel easy at home
• Proper posture
• Avoid smoking
• Feet rubbing
• Shun stress

Keep Your Body Healthy, Health and You