Is Oregon next to go 'green'?

Is Oregon next to go 'green'?
That's because Oregonians get to choose whether they want to legalize recreational marijuana for people who are 21 or older. Measure 91 … That money would be used for schools, law enforcement, drug treatment programs and mental health programs.
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Opinion: Dr. Drew was wrong when he said pot 'causes severe addiction'
I once had a patient who presented as though he was experiencing cannabis withdrawal, as he had self-medicated with marijuana for nervousness and sleep issues for years. My solution? Cognitive behavioral therapy and good sleep hygiene practices …
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UNLV's next big recruit could be pot researcher
The goal is to develop a marijuana drug in plant form approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It would be the first and only randomized controlled trial in the country looking at marijuana in treating post-traumatic stress disorder. Sisley's …
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