Is Marijuana Harmful to Health?

There’s just no way to talk about marijuana without someone completely misinterpreting what I say. Some of you are going to call me a fascist for saying anyt…
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  • Maya Posch

    Good quick summary of why it’s beyond silly to outlaw marijuana while
    tobacco and alcohol are legally sold. It’s clear that there’s no scientific
    logic underlying this decision, but purely political and similar


    Is Marijuana Harmful to Health? #health #fitness 

  • Foo Joon Sunn

    I’m surprised to learn that marijuana has no adverse effects on lung
    function when smoked.

    Here’s the research paper that I believe is used as the basis for that
    Open access available.

  • C0nc0rdance

    Here are some more recent and illustrative studies on problematic cannabis
    use and mortality:

    Drug Alcohol Depend. 2011 Apr 1;114(2-3):134-9.
    “Standardized mortality ratios (SMRs) associated with different primary
    substance types were calculated and Cox-regression analyses were performed
    in order to establish hazard ratios (HR) associated with injection drug use
    and psychiatric comorbidity. SMRs for primary users of specific substances
    were: cannabis: 4.9 (95% confidence interval (CI): 4.2-5.8), cocaine: 6.4
    (CI: 3.9-10.0), amphetamine: 6.0 (CI: 4.2-8.3), heroin: 9.1 (CI: 8.5-9.8),
    and other opioids 7.7 (CI: 6.6-8.9).”

    That is, patients with problematic cannabis use disorders were 4.9 times
    more likely to die than a standardized, age matched cohort. What did they
    die of? The follow-up paper below answers:

    J Subst Abuse Treat. 2013 Apr;44(4):400-6.
    “For different causes of death the SMRs were: accidents: 8.2 (95% CI
    6.3-10.5), suicide: 5.3 (95% CI 3.3-7.9), homicide/violence: 3.8 (95% CI
    1.5-7.9), and natural causes: 2.8 (95% CI 2.0-3.7). Following exclusion of
    those with secondary use of opioids, cocaine, amphetamine, or injection
    drug use, SMRs for all causes of death remained significantly elevated
    except for homicide/violence. The study underlines the need to address
    mortality risk associated with cannabis use disorders.”

    They die of accidents, suicide, homicide/violence and natural causes.
    Accidents includes car accidents, and suicide is of course elevated.

    I think looking at a general population for people with problematic drug
    abuse is the best way to hide the real effects.

  • isgdre

    Your cloak didn’t work at all as you selectively used lung data as a
    response to that criticism then conveniently leave out the data on the
    other cons you yourself brought up in the video. Accidents from
    inattention, Dependency, psychotic illness etc.. I for would would like to
    know the accrual research results are with regards to the schizophrenia

    Now, I don’t have a strong feeling one way or the other on the legality it
    but you would have done better to leave out the muddied logic of ‘well
    alcohol is legal’. That little pearl of illogic is typically used by the
    people that haven’t bothered to think about the issue. Not the impression
    you want to be leaving for your channel I’m sure.

  • Jade

    I would rather smoke mary jane than drink alcohol or smoke tobacco.
    Haven’t done any of those, though.

  • HurricaneSparky

    Honestly, if it becomes legalized, the tax money from it would be great, on
    top of this, we wouldn’t be wasting resources on arresting people or trying
    to stop its flow, or jailing people for it, etc. Furthermore, companies can
    just tell you not to come to work while high.
    I don’t see a downside when things like drunk driving results in tragedies
    all the time (claiming the life of one of my aunts, even), but I have never
    heard of someone committing manslaughter while stoned. :

  • inside91

    Omg, even you, so sad.. considering to unsubscribe

  • Spoonie Beauty

    The country is going broke, lets find something else we can tax and
    regulate. I could care less what addicts choose to do with their lives.
    Besides the few known medical applications, if someone wants to waste their
    time and money living impaired for fun at least let citizens benefit in

  • cantryss

    I’m more on the argument of leaving it alone. Don’t fine, or arrest people
    for it, don’t legalize it so some assholes can profit off it. Just let it
    be with certain ethical guidelines. Marijuana law reform will open up a
    pandoras box of medicine/recreational use. 

  • Jason J. Shaw

    Where are the studies on the psychological impacts of smoking marijuana?

  • Kyle Morrissey

    Is Marijuana Harmful to Health?

    +BiggsyDaBoss, it may either frustrate or delight you to know that this
    pediatrician appears to pretty much agrees with the parameters of our
    discussion of subject of marijuana and health. The links between marijuana
    and health suggest some links between the substance and schizophrenia, but
    the etiology of these links are not settled enough to be at all certain

    Otherwise, legalize it already so we can all move on to something else. 

  • Bernard Anlage IV

    No, it is April 19th.

  • KenHamForever

    I also don’t want to go to a public beach only to be bombarded with that
    smell either.

    If you’re going to smoke that nonsense, at least do it in a place where
    nobody else can smell it but you.

    And if you can’t find such a place…well, try harder douchebags, thank

  • GengoNoTabi

    I think alcohol is a very serious drug, and extremely detrimental to the
    users and everyone around them. I don’t think marijuana rises to this
    bar…. or even approaches it. HOWEVER! People who drink don’t usually
    start drinking all day everyday until they are way way down the road. Most
    drinkers don’t tie one on before work. Marijuana is the opposite. Most
    users began to use marijuana all the time right away. They smoke it before
    work and on breaks. That is so tedious for the people who have to deal with
    stoney the dim wit everyday. This opinion is based on years and years of
    experience at all different jobs in different parts of the U.S.

  • Ellinor Hansson

    Weed may not affect lung health, but hey why don’t you talk about how weed
    doesn’t affect the condition of the grapes grown in my back yard? Lowering
    of IQ, risks of psychosis and the fact that TCH mimics the brains signals
    in complete different way than alcohol does is the real discussion points
    on this subject. SO disappointed in you guys.

  • Gray Seas

    You didn’t really touch upon how it affects the brain over time.. The
    strongest argument against marijuana I’ve heard has to do with supposed
    negative impacts on the brain, rather than “it’s bad for your lungs.”

    Also.. If I could make a suggestion with the best intentions possible,
    because I do like what this show is trying to do, they way the show is
    presented feels a little.. condescending to anyone with an opposing view to
    what is being said, or people who simply didn’t know these facts before. If
    the goal is to provide an unbiased opinion to the masses, people are going
    to be less likely to watch and even less likely to listen to the facts if
    they feel stupid, or like they’re being spoken down to. Even when I agree
    with the video, I still sometimes feel a bit intimidated by this guy..

  • lordcrunk

    The tobacco and alcohol lobby sez SHHHHH!