I smoke Marijuana

I smoke Marijuana

Marijuana Man takes a bong hit of the lemon kush shows off his tomato’s a bit and shows of a few bags of weed.. You can follow Marijuana Man on facebook at h…
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  • Marijuana Man™

    Wow Ku Klux Dan The Fucking Man commented on my video…….lol

  • Last Dragun

    Lol, @ 2:27 he looked at the camera, to see if we noticed his accidental

  • Rob Williamson

    I don’t understand last video you talked about facing jail time for
    trafficking. And you were denying that they found weed in your house. All
    they have to is show the judge this video and boom there is a search
    warrant and boom there is like 10 pounds right there. Will someone please
    explain what the deal is here. I thought weed was legal in bc

  • buttholes arecute

    This is all bullshit. For all of you who are potheads are fucking losers
    like you asshole.

  • Lpease million


  • busterc8ke

    so much fuckin weed

  • JustKesey – Titanfall & Other Random ish

    ‘Get with the program pigs” LMAO…Dude is a Pro. HHAHA.. I love it!!

  • markus hoffsten

    i wanna se mj man with out a bobg hit for 2 months then take a dab ….

  • Dayve Rowan


  • blownatdisney13

    Reading these comments make me happy to have my weed card here in cali.
    Fuck the police 

  • norchaaa

    i see you have many bags could please give me some 5g’s from each one??

  • ichhabahnung

    what the fuuuuk i want that shit tooooooooo whyyyyyy T_T i have to visit u!

  • ItalianTalent69

    someone update me this guy used to smoke at his house wheres he living now?

  • Paul Muzik

    He cant pay this internet bill so gets someone else to do it, but he
    can afford all that weed lol Not only that … he’s facing jail time for
    selling it and saying in his videos that they have no proof……. There’s
    no way your that stupid dude hahaha if the judge takes one look at this
    video your fucked, how dumb can someone be seriously ?

  • scottishbadboy1

    im sick of smoking blue cheese

  • Zyzle yo

    2:27 that fart

  • BlinkkHD

    where do you get all ur weed?

  • Ku Klux Dan The Fucking Man

    this guy is an idiot for showing off all those bags of grass


  • jruss

    Fuckin bags on bags on bags xD

  • israel ibarra

    2:28 he farts hahahaha! xD

  • Biggy Poppa

    the beginning of every vid he scratches his nuts or something, its getting
    pretty gay

  • attibeth

    Wasn’t Steve just on facebook asking for donations for weed, fuck that…