I Grow Chronic! Cannabis Hydro Cultivation

Video shows moving Master Kush clones from tray to a top feed hydroponic bucket system. Check out for it’s progress and Live Feed.


  • MrGoodkat

    Lol motherfucker finally went and stayed under those grow-lights too long
    and turned into the Hulk from all the radiation. :D

  • Jack London

    Ohh dear God thanks I found finally this guy!
    I had so much enough from all those fucking 18 years old rapper idiots whos
    growing marijuana in their parents garage and cant speak like a normal
    person just like fucking Snoop Dog and telling 90% bullshit about
    themselves that actually fucking boring and giving out only 10% useful
    And finally this guy solved all my problems in 30 minutes.
    No BS no rapper shit only pure useful information!
    Thanks really huge THANKS!

  • matt wallace

    This guy is so fuckin high he’s whispering an don’t even realize it

  • chrys fotoryba


  • Jas An

    how often do you have to change water to?

  • Metal8Lover

    im glad i use feminized seeds that extra step looks like a pain in the ass
    and a bit of a waste of a good clone but what do i know?

  • chrys fotoryba

    soft warter

  • Rye Shannon

    Does anyone know what the green nozzles he uses are called?

  • AbuAyyoub Gray

    I love this guy, are there any other videos by hom?

  • Aaron Alexander

    Dude! This video is very educational and informative.. Lord I don’t have
    patience long enough to wait and then if it’s male I’ll go crazy! 

  • Ry Hu

    This seems like a great video. He is talking a little low though.

  • esmi000

    How fucking quiet does this guy want to talk !!!

  • zach grabinger

    what nutrients do you use?!

  • The Age of Sorrows

    Mr. Green is an awesome guy. Wish that the world didn’t make it to where
    Mr. Green had to hide his identity. I’d like to have a few beers or a few
    blunts with this totally chill, nice dude.

  • Eli Sope

    “I screw in my one inch little nozzle” i heard him crack up at his own
    accidental joke lol

  • AZ4MMJ

    Great beginners guide for building a inexpensive grow room. :)/~~~

  • Andy Rosebrook

    Great video. You can buy feminized seeds now to make sure your plant will
    be female, that let’s you skip the step of cloning to determine the sex.
    More expensive seeds, though. 

  • Philip Zaft

    Dude, youre my hero!

  • skylinespeed123

    u should cure your bud after u dried it after 7days it still has all the
    chemicals in the buds put it in paper bag for 1.2months so that way the
    stem should snap on the buds

  • Jorge Palacios

    i learned alot watching this video stoned .Thanks chrys fotoryba your the
    man. im actually gonna start my own grow room for my plants next week.

  • Riki Whytock

    mr green rocks

  • Jimmy Isenberg

    Gotta be the best video I’ve ever seen on you tube. Really well done.

  • Nataly Billett

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    need to buy some “plant food”, nutrition and supplements that may be
    costly. Before setting up any hydroponics system, it is best to check out
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  • trackpro28

    dem toes

  • Jim Sharp

    Nice setup but if you have the water pump running all the time wont u flood
    the rockwool which may potentially drown the plant? 

  • ganjamang101

    grotey ole toes

  • bockydo

    @SN00PY746 Thats what I was going to ask .

  • JazzNaySean

    @SN00PY746 There clay pellets i forgot exactly what there called because
    they have many names but you can find these at any hydroponic store, look
    for one on google for your area

  • Odrama

    creepy toes

  • kevin11111112

    @SN00PY746 thats cocoa

  • terencevrr

    @sotacash balls of fury

  • TheLongrin

    @SN00PY746 Expanded Clay Pellets…standard at any greenhouse supply

  • DB Fisher

    i can so tell thats a hot chick by the excessively hairy knees rawr baby!!!

  • Mikel Cianni

    You actually can build your indoor garden that doesn’t need weeding,
    tilling or cultivating, the spreading of fertilizer or garden compost,
    without watering or irrigating; all while your plants generate up to 10
    times the amount of fresh vegetables than plants from a dirt garden. Check
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  • Kody

    Be careful! your toes are in the picture and you already have a profile:
    Female with painted toes Darker skin complexion Was I good? :)) Great

  • BakedGames

    @SN00PY746 ask you mom

  • OriginalStonedGypsy

    id put an air stone in the reservoir.

  • Recessiverage

    @purpKUSHpillz I’m not sure of the brand of pump he’s got, but any grow
    store will have a pump you could use. If you don’t have any grow store’s in
    your area, I’d try hitting up a pet store that sells fish, and buy a pump
    from them. As far a nutrients, I’d suggest checking out amazon/book store
    and picking up a book on growing MMj, they aren’t to expensive, and will
    give you real information for a good harvest. Hope that helps.

  • edcvfr337

    Those “BALLS” are called LECA. Lightly – Expanded – Clay – Aggregate. they
    are basically a medium to hold the roots and plant in general.

  • denis primeau

    dirt feet 😮 !!!

  • lOverbOytx1

    What medicine was added to the water in this video ?

  • themancave781

    damn them feet lol

  • Grobigkid420

    How retarded do you have to be to spend 90 bucks on seeds and not know how
    to grow or have a system that works first ??? About as retarded as the
    third comment down…