I Got Coke and Pot Problems Too

I Got Coke and Pot Problems Too
Turns out Stevie was drug tested when he was picked up in Atlanta earlier this month and he flunked bad. So the judge allowed Stevie to post bail … but added a condition that he submit to random drug testing. Kids and drugs … they're such nagging …

Why Employees Still Might Be Drug Tested for Pot—Even in States Where It's
NORML, a marijuana policy reform group, procured a memo from the USDA responding to inquiries about its drug-testing practices in Colorado and Washington state, where recreational use of cannabis is legal. The group released the missive, which was …
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The new Medical Cannabis Act and drug testing in Minnesota
On May 29, 2014 Governor Mark Dayton signed the new Medical Cannabis Act. The Act amends Minnesota criminal statutes to protect patients who enroll in a state registry program to use or possess marijuana. Patients who are diagnosed with a qualifying …
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