Huge milky wax & weed bong rips!

Huge milky wax & weed bong rips!

Kicking my bowls up with a couple big globs of blue dream wax! And milking up my bong!


  • ldonnan97

    what was that song in the background

  • jjphariss

    Lmao he was like “i can hold the coughs…” goes turns off video
    “*cough*cough*” stops lol

  • Stanislas Divay

    Défoncé de la vie Nick :p 

  • HazyMonkeyProductions

    this guy doesnt know shit. ice is bad for you cuz it could cause ammonia,
    hes using a lighter and he isnt very well proper. just “lets get high of
    this shitty wax”. 

  • 420SauceOutMyD1ck

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    702 466 4336

  • twyla crowchief

    I hate your voice .

  • james brown

    We should smoke sometime i live in seattle

  • mike c

    Fuck all of you it’s just a guy getting high so don’t talk shit or say he
    could do this or should do this you fucking faggots

  • Scott Samson

    Lool your not suppose to use ice bro

  • Scott Samson

    Lool your not suppose to use ice bro

  • aaron4x4kid

    Are you sick? is that why u use medical stuff?

  • Austin Jones

    Music in the background

    Fits so well xD 

  • berto

    That was fucking hardcore

  • Yiour Mouther

    dude is my hero

  • Jessica Roberts

    Whats the song called? :)

  • Rambus899

    He is going for the ultimate

  • Michael Ball

    This short videoclip is great!

  • Stephen Sanchez

    wtf is wax i keep hearing about it in bong rip videos? is it like a purer
    version of resin cuz resin is black so im gueesing wax is like pure thc

  • Victor Mata

    Dope. Why not melt the wax on the bud firsr then the rip?

  • Jasper Kruger

    Weed is gay