How to use a marijuana vaporizer. (Marijuana News)

Sam Humeid hosts, “The News Roll-Up” on The CannabiNews Network. On this marijuana infused episode, general manager of Perennial Holistic Wellness Centers of…
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  • Robert Clark

    Robert Cooper your right. But anything you light on fire is Going to have
    carbon monoxide. Lol. Geez. I am going act as though you know this. 

  • Liam Motes

    That dude is stoned asf XD

  • gekiryudojo

    oh look a trainee “corpse” 

  • MellowSmokeKrew

    Totally off topic but what was the song name lol

  • Fergclfl RP

    No offense but, I wish I could get high anymore like I did the first ten
    years, Everything was funny, my eyes showed it, I couldn’t go into a store.
    Good Old Days

  • WhoDatNigga

    Im likin these vapes more and more dont get me wrong i love a spliff cuz of
    the intimacy of rolling your own spliff and looking at your masterpiece,
    admiring it and finally doing the honors, lighting it. no other feeling
    like it but often i find that whenever i smoke a joint I kinda need to have
    like a drink with me or something just so im comfortable its not serious
    but the burn does get uncomfortable so thats where vapes come in haha i
    love it

  • Instrumentator23

    That guy is one of those people that talk too damn much when youre stoned
    just show me how to do it and shut the fuck up damn ha

  • Bill Hughes

    I never had my solo over heat and burn the herb. I can’t do it the only
    complaint is and i hope they fix this battery life being way to short, and
    include it as being able to be used while charging from the wall without
    having to buy addition one that can’t be charging while being used. I
    would give my solo to friend with wall charger and extra power cable and
    buy another Arize because other then the battery issues the thing make
    thick smoke it the best out out for solo use.

  • Christian Forever

    I smoked for years and developed a horrible cough and always had
    respiratory infections that I couldn’t get rid of, every time the seasons
    changed. I’ve been vaping for about 5 years now, not a single cough or
    even a cold in all that time. My lungs are as clean as a whistle, had a
    chest xray not long ago. Also, I really do use about half the weed I used
    to, and you cannot get too much, you will just take a nap, if needed. God
    is so good. He gave us all seed baring plants on the first day, just after
    dry land, and he saw it and said it is Good. Blessings. I use this for
    chronic pain, I have had 3 neck surgeries and need a 4th but will never
    have another. I have arthritis from my neck to my tail bone and I can
    hardly get out of bed most days. I took narcotics for years and became
    extremely addicted, even though I hated taking them, I felt I couldn’t live
    without them. The Lord convicted me and I quit taking all narcotics, went
    through withdrawals from hell, that was 4 years ago. Me and my cannabis
    and vaporizer are doing just fine now.

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  • Rico

    stativa or indica?

  • Tim Coleman

    He’s so monotone I dozed off 4 mins in

  • Fortress S.

    E~Juice , Would love to try the Dry Herbs, Flowers, Wax… can’t wait for a
    Medical Cannabis dispensary to come to NYC , NY The Big Apple ! Would like
    “Vegan Organic Cannabis” ! … keep me in mind (:D) 

  • jake ryan

    Does it still smell like weed or not as much

  • TrainedHedonist

    This guy’s clinically didactic HAL9000 explanation just made this sound way
    less fun than it is.

  • SkylerLx

    LOL hes high af 

  • Redbone Johnsons

    I’ll dick her down the girl. With bandana on

  • Matt Holland

    I love this, they are all high as fuck LOL 

  • Sean Vapehead

    Check out this new vaporizer the Flowermate small but it lasts close to 2

  • zavion washington


  • Bob Geddon

    8 mins in: “Oh shit that’s a girl”

  • silkskin1960