How to tell if a Marijuana seed is female

How to tell if a Marijuana seed is female

Simple method explained and demonstrated.


  • Drew Grow

    THIS WORKS !!! 

  • Mary MajestyAZ

    Do you take the shell off the seed or something? 

  • metalskinstudios

    You have no idea how much I’m lovin’ you right now! I had a bunch of seeds
    from some OG Kush plants from 3 years ago. This year, I tried a few of them
    and many turned hermi, very few females. I was looking for a way to sex
    them, then I found this video! Thx for posting.

    Seek and ye shall find! ;-)

  • Fernando Garcia

    The only problem I saw with your experiment is you didn’t plant enough
    seeds. More data. Other than that this is internet
    sting and I’m gonna give it a go.

  • Canna Lush
  • This Isn’t my real name Google.

    I dont even smoke and this channel enlightens me lol I’ll sub cause you
    work hard on your videos!

  • jahprotectandguide

    This video is the truth 

  • Jane Dro

    Wow…amazing!! I’ve had horrible luck with seeds lol…I think out of all
    the beans I’ve sprouted I only got two females…smh Great cloning success,
    but pathetic when it comes to seeds, but no more! I have a feeling this
    will help me out tremendously! Thanks so much for sharing this incredible
    tip, it’s both time & money saving! Growers Love <3

  • Tim Rodemann

    Thanks for sharing this. I’ll share it some more! It’s definitely true.
    Just look at any feminized seed and it’ll look like #1, 3, or 5… every

  • Terra Flower

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  • larkyderry84

    hey bro i was the guy that posted that comment on your last vid on the seed
    sexing, i SERIOUSLY doubted everything you said in that video, after
    watching this video i offer my humblest apologies, what you have just shown
    people could really help folks out who have little space to grow. thanks
    for putting this out there

  • Elizabeth Mellenthin
  • ReverendGreenbud
  • Jeremy Robinson

    Interesting! I did not know this.