How to stop smoking weed | Quitting marijuana.. Side effects & withdrawals of marijuana detox

How to stop smoking weed from someone who’s been smoking cannabis for 3 years but made some decisions to put financial and health goals first….Quitting mar…
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  • XxlionriderxX

    social cigarette smoking your an idiot

  • Eric Argoni

    so i quit smoking (again) and ive done this before. i cant fucking stand
    the sleep problems it causes me! i wake up 2-3 times a night and my dreams
    are so real i dont know where i am when i wake up. im tired as FUCK all day
    long and i feel like im getting 0 rem sleep or something. anyone know a
    sleeping pill that will promote a deep sleep so i dont feel like ass all
    day for the next 2 months? prescription or over the counter, i dont care at
    this point. i have a physical job and we are timed so this is seriously
    affecting my life. help!

  • jellybeenxxx

    somebody help me i think ima weed fiend because i tryed to stop but my
    lifes so shitty i jus cant help myself

  • Jeyhun Mamedov

    good job man 

  • Martin Rodriguez

    Thank you man! This was really helpful

  • Ben Parrino

    I had to quit because I can’t get a decent job with my urine always dirty..
    i’m on day 3. It sucks, but I can’t keep losing my jobs over weed. I’ll
    just have to wait til it’s federally legal.. sucks. Hopefully it will be in
    my lifetime so i can start up again. I’m in colorado with my medical card
    by the way.. cheers

  • kgp8

    How to stop smokin’ weed???? Really?/??
    Is smokin’ weed that bad???? I don’t think it is, frankly.

  • Nicholas Davila

    Im a weed smoker an im 35 years old an im trying to stop smoking..
    everything u say is true. Im set a gold an see how it goes…

  • Sandi Hughes

    This is so helpful.

  • Rodie Lox

    Hey Pat, its 420 today and i plan on today being the last day i smoke in
    awhile too, i also wanna meet a financial goal,this gives me motivation.
    lol im smoking as im watching this 

  • MzBeBeLena

    When you start back. Let’s smoke lol

  • Naproxen Aurobndo

    Did you experience lack of appetite, heavy anxiety for two weeks or
    depression on your third week?

  • MidNight 暗殺者

    Why don’;t just be like me … BUY A FUCKING Oz and smoke yourself stupid

  • metalmaster76

    quitting marijuana is like quitting smelling your own farts.

    just stop.

  • ridingbikes4life

    Instead of stopping I just push myself a little harder so I don’t have to.