How To Stop Smoking Weed [Marijuana Addiction Help Review]

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  • starlaeuropa

    You have to wonder who paid him to spout this crap and how much…

  • Ezo Flux

    Wtf this is bullshit

  • The Message of Health

    The first six weren’t tips and the last one was very wise my friend

  • Jacob Gasho

    this is fucking hilarious

  • khalif baby

    you may not understand how weed is affecting you but its has memory loss
    problem am going to rehab soon 

  • Jesus Maldonado

    You should say the rel true and nothing but the true, I can believe how
    much lies this person is saying, in which Country this speech was done?

  • tatiana melis

    Ahahahahahaha. The funniest part is when he claims that mariuana smokers
    usually earn 30.000 dollars a year. Hilarious.

  • andrew montelongo

    I have asthma and i smoke everyday ahaha

  • Antoine Holland

    Oh my god, this guy is so annoying. He repeats himself and stutters like 50
    times. Like the part when he was trying to explain heart attacks. I died
    laughing from his stuttering.

  • fukkDpolice420

    this shit made me wna hit this blunt

  • orville van sickle

    This guy is a fuckin idiot!

  • dubtwnbandit

    wow, the lies!!! it cures cancer…. ha lmfao

  • GreenHerbivore

    You are litterally so wrong about this i dont understand how youre a

  • Albert Pinero

    No need to stop smokin weed, people are so ignorant now n days

  • Matthew Lewinski

    He went to college to tell us this? Hahahahaha! 

  • rockit1


  • Sir.Smoke’s a lot

    I didn’t come to watch the video just to call you a fucking retarded