How To Scrog – Marijuana Growing

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    what nutes do you use during flowering other then bloom and micro?

  • Michael Ronson

    How old must the plants be when you use the 12/12hr lighting cycle to send
    a message its autum and flower must begin.


    some say top some say fim some say don’t do it. any suggestions?

  • C Trey

    do you have to buy nutrients to make the plant bloom ,because most soil has
    nutes but most ppl get extra nutrient to bloom the plant 

  • 14Truthteller

    Great video. I do have one question though. Once they get 10 inches and you
    cut off the tops, won’t they quit growing upward after that? I apologize in
    advance if this is a stupid question but I would think they would quit
    growing upward after you cut off the tops. Any helpful responses would be
    greatly appreciated as I would love to try this. Thank you.

  • TheHannible

    Thanks Bob. Thats what I like to see in a Vidio just dead simple no
    Bullshit. Man I was so confused so many different opinions lol. Thumbs up. 

  • Anthony Spencer

    Hi Robert,

    So you’re probably getting about 3.5 ft. tall plants including the kola
    length. Some of those were just beautiful. I was curious, how much weight
    are you averaging in bud from one scrogged plant. I’ve been supercropping
    and topping plants for some years now but haven’t scrogged yet, although
    I’m very familiar with the technique. I’m just wondering what type of
    increase in yield I can expect. Thanks!

  • Marty3

    Video is blocked in my god dam mother fucking country

  • kukunemo sensi

    i got so retarded and delirious watching this. lemme know if you ever need
    a hand with that lol seriously

  • jan danum

    Did anyone actually get a free grow guide? – I didn`t..

  • og bro

    what did you yield? how many girls?

  • Emmanuel Barrera Torres

    How many plants are there? How many grams left?


    hmmmmm scrogging in the crate looks easier and smart.

  • Pedro Santamaria


  • Led Growlights

    great video and clear shot pictures 

  • Luke7ube

    No technique is a wrong technique, we’re all forever learning how to
    manipulate and perfect the plant. Look at the guy’s result.. clear winner. 

  • Josh Jones

    Easy fookin peasy

  • Linda Smith

    yes this looks like something I can do. I just don’t have a lot of spare
    time in my day to be tieing and strapping or other things to get a good
    yield. thnk u for showing me im doing my best to grow hydro and make it
    look like this great job. o and not spending 30 minutes telling me how to
    do it right.

  • Nacke Duce

    Hello, i would like to ask if 77cm(around 27cm take lightning,flowerpot so
    50 cm for plant) tall growbox would be enought for plant if I use Scrog