How to Quit Smoking

Smoke for the Cure
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" I couldn’t let October’s Breast Cancer Awareness (but not prevention) Month come to a close without posting a satire cartoon exposing all the pinkwashing we’ve seen that month. You can buy everything in pink these days, from bottled water to fried chicken, alcohol and even handguns. So why not cigarettes? All these pink products claim to give some mystery percentage of "net profits" (which could be zero if the company isn’t profitable) to "find a cure for cancer" (a ridiculous proposition since we already have natural cures for cancer).

It’s all part of the cancer industry’s brainwashing propaganda that tries to convince people that we can cure cancer by going shopping! "

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Dan Berger is Cartoonist behind Natural News.

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Smoking leads to a lot of health complications specifically to our lungs. Do you know that people frequently around smokers can have health problems too? A lot of times if an individual does not stop smoking it will cause the lungs to malfunction and can lead into a worse health issue such as tuberculosis.  If you have north carolina health insurance this might end up raising your rates.

The point is that, one should be conscious enough with their health and we should not abuse our health for something that can only give us problems and no real satisfaction. You may start with disciplining yourself on smaller things that might hurt your health. If you are a smoker, you may start thinking of effective ways to prevent yourself from smoking.  If you are under blue cross nc you might need to take this up with them.

There are those who just suddenly stopped smoking and start a healthy lifestyle. But if you think that you still have the urge to get cigarettes in your mouth you may just need some help from your friends and other members of the family. Start with preventing yourself from joining those people who you know are smoking, you may look for an alternative activity to prevent from smoking. You can just have a candy during your break instead joining the group for a smoke.

It may be too easy to say all these things, but putting it into action is the challenge that you need to overcome. Starting a healthy life by eating healthy foods and keeping yourself busy with different activities can make you forget smoking.  Join some sports event and stay fit by doing a regular exercise everyday. With this healthy routine you will definitely be successful in attaining a healthy and clean lifetstyle. You can also consult experts regarding your decision on how to stay away from smoking and start healthy routines that will help you to prevent from smoking.