How to Quit Smoking Weed – Marijuana Detox

How to Stop Smoking Weed Video : You finally decided to quit smoking weed, as i…
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  • blite13

    Man, grow your own, then you don’t go broke…..don’t be so limited in your
    mind, that is what is holding you back, not smoking herb. ENDOCANNABINOID
    system….Cannabis fits our bodies like a key in a lock. All you have done
    is let others make you feel guilty for what is natural. All the
    brainwashing has made you feel like a criminal because you partake. There
    is no guilt, be responsible, be a man, take care of what you have to take
    care of whether you have a few puffs or not….don’t be so easily
    controlled by ANYTHING in your life, you have to control it.

  • Gus Correa

    Well done! pot heads make silly comments because they have no expectations
    in life. They are a human failure. I am still on week one and I have
    experienced bad withdrawal symptoms. WEED IS SHIT!

  • mikey B fresh

    you can live a full active life while using cannabis its a medicine stupid
    people abuse it !

  • Rjblackops89

    Some people are so stupid weed is addictive who ever says that it isn’t
    they are in denile or gots good money to suport the habbit to the people
    that say its easy to quit try it then talk shit I quit smoking not cuz of
    the money but because I was just waisting my life getiing high. The first 3
    days r the worst u get pissed fast and shit but its the withdrawl but once
    u hit a week ur good I give props to who ever stops smoking weed and by the
    way weed gives u man boobs proven fact so good look

  • Morgan Freeman

    Lol if you’re a bummy motherfucker who gotta lie to his family to get weed
    money thats just the type of person you are, the weed aint doing that, I’ve
    seen dudes who smoke Buddha like they were burning someone else’s religion
    run out of weed and money for it, you know what they said “shit, I dont
    have anymore weed” then they waited till next week for their paycheck and
    bought a dub sac.

  • 444killaz

    I had to give you a like.good shit

  • NeneBoo589

    I feel like im in the same situation as you, I’ve been smoking kinda heavy
    for the past 1 yr 1/2 and I feel like it’s been taking over my LIFE. It’s
    too the point that I rather be high all day and including at work due to my
    anxiety… but I haven’t seen or talk too my family in months. My bills are
    always late. I don’t hang out with friends or do anything besides stay at
    home and get high with my bf. I feel like I just cut everyone out my life.
    I need to quit. It’s a very expensive habit.

  • Cameron Smith

    LOL, Dude you are funny, I know people who pay bills on time, work hard,
    take care of family and still smoke weed. That’s just your life.

  • bear1tac

    Asking for money and lying about what its for is because you’re a shitty
    person, not because you smoke weed.

  • namu damu

    I’m on weed detox myself. You on the other hand were
    just a shitty person.


  • Allie Crabtree

    I think you need to blame yourself and not maryjane. 

  • RyanTofu

    I used to smoke weed every single day. Until I got caught hotboxing in a
    parking lot and got slapped with probation. It sucked, life just wasn’t as
    enjoyable. Music didn’t sound as good, food didn’t taste as good, movies
    and games just weren’t as enjoyable, I couldn’t sleep. Life just overall
    wasn’t as pleasant. I went to a site called to help me get
    through it. There’s a couple products there that can help you either quit
    altogether or pass your drug tests. So you can still smoke and no one will
    ever know. Which I did more times than I’d care to admit. But now after
    reading the books there I was able to stop to get through my probation and
    I don’t have the same need to smoke that I did. I still enjoy it, but I
    don’t feel dependent. My day isn’t ruined without it. I still have fun with
    or without it. And when I do smoke I get much more high and its a much more
    enjoyable time because it feels like a special occasion again. It really
    helped weed regain the magic it once had. 


    Great video thx!!

  • The Pop Mashups!

    There are no withdrawals from weed… xD and it’s really easy to quit. It’s
    just will power that will help you. Soo I don’t see how someone can be

  • Ameerz14

    Thanks bro! nice video it helped