How to Plant Marijuana Seeds in a Hydroponic System – THC Digest After seed germination is complete, it’s time to plant your weed seeds and let them start their growing journey. T…
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  • JamesXVll

    So what are you feeding them and how much. I wanna know more about the
    feeding and ph part of this. Any help? 

  • chris contreras

    GREAT VIDS!! very helpful. Question How long should the water pump be ON
    feeding the plants? and how is the feeding monitored?

  • TheLabamba007

    do the plants stay in that rockwool until the end

  • Slab Ridah

    Planting to close to bottom

  • J. Hile

    can you hear this bubbling through a closet door?

  • Slab Ridah

    Why you feed the dumb shit these assholes say about bro. Fuck’em & keep

  • UnseenSecurityCams

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  • crownedaxis57

    Greaat Video!!

  • Mentuhotep Ra

    How do you water the seedling with very small roots that you’ve transferred
    to the DWC, without using “General Hydroponics WaterFarm Plumbing Kit DWC
    Top Drip Hydro?”

  • joshnz nz

    putting it in (room temp water )will germinate faster and u can take that
    to the growing pot without goin throw 2or3 little pots

  • Illadel Graff Supply

    I always thought when you germinate the seeds the first little “stem” that
    pops up was the actual plant…but it’s the root, correct? otherwise you
    wouldn’t plant it downwards…right?

  • THC Digest

    Soil grows do take less equipment and babysitting than a hydro setup, so if
    you want convenience, soil is probably the way to go. However, you’ll still
    need to know something about lighting, nutrients, ph, and a couple other
    things to be successful in my opinion. I talk about all the basics of
    growing marijuana on my site THC Digest and I try to keep the guide at a
    bare minimum, so you aren’t overloaded with info.

  • THC Digest

    I turn it on when the plants sprout.. I also use a 24 hour cycle of light
    rather than 18/6

  • THC Digest

    Yes, it is the root and I do plant the root facing down.

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  • Alan Mclean

    nah mate, just eat them

  • Budds Smoke

    Plz tell me this guy looked green to you too………..

  • Sandra Gardner

    Thanks for your trippy educational videos

  • cole gallagher

    ha im a first time grower and im doing a gorilla grow out in the woods and
    im wondering. what do i need to get a good plant. it gets about like 6
    hours of sun and the soil is shit but that what i need help with. should i
    just switch with the soil with some potting soil and if so what kind???
    also is it bad to not germinate before planting and if so how big should i
    let the plant get before i put it in the woods?? plz help!!