how to pass your piss test for weed every single time

how to pass your piss test for weed every single time

What you need *gallon of water *packet of certo *Gatorade *b-12 vitamins it doesn’t clean out your system the certo just coats your kidneys so that the thc i…
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  • Zach Ward

    I was the first to have a instructional video for this and it’s the most
    successful at getting the job done I don’t acknowledge haters


    V8 fusion juice works in 2 days. have 2 bottles of strawberry banana in a
    day and pee. I smoked the highest and strongest of sativa and indica +
    hash, shatter and goo

  • WildflowerBeauty

    fuck you’re sexy lol.


    does it really work? but how long do you gotta wait before sober for your
    job interview or can I do this before like 2 days before the interview and
    pass it as long as im sober in the 2 days doing this trick please tell me
    Zach cause I hate how I cant do my marijuana at home I’m against doing at
    work yeah obviously you want clear minds once your really comfortable tho
    that’s another story but when your at home they shouldn’t care

  • Jackson Bock

    fucking cracker

  • Zach Ward

    My character is to make it more entertaining this works 100% I’ve done it
    to many times to count for those of you that say otherwise it’s because you
    didn’t do the steps right

  • Oscar Guzmam

    Cranberry pills like about 6 of them, and like 3 tall cans of AZ green tea
    all you need to pass. One of many methods

  • Craig Martin

    i drank so much water that i threw every thing up fuck my life

  • iBeLike Water

    Just got back from my drug test for Felony Probation….

    I Passed that shit with flying colors!!!!!!

    I stopped smoking for about 9 days and it fucking worked..

    I ate the certo 2 hours before I took my test, drank a gallon exactly of
    water and pissed 4 times before I left to drop.

    fuck all the haters message me if anyone needs a more clear step by step
    instruction. I am living proof this shit works..

  • Daniel12483

    im 14 137 pounds and i took 3 hits like 2 weeks ago and i have a pee test
    tomorrow am i fucked?

  • Christian Mendoza

    I smoked on friday and I don’t smoke too often… I may have a drug test
    for a job on monday, and it was the first time I’ve smoked in like 6
    months… any ideas on what I can do to make sure I pass ? Any tips would
    be appreciated! 

  • Chaz Hopkins

    Sounds exceptional but i need a time frame… How long before my drug test
    should i do all this. 

  • matthew tablone

    I did certo n i lost my job

  • Jake Hoodock

    I got a piss test in 5 days. I’m 7 foot one and close to 400 pounds will
    this test pass me? Or is it meant for just the average size person? I had
    smoked maybe a G a day for the past week. Should I still do this or would
    bit be a waste of money?

  • Stephen Bello

    Well here goes. Wish me luck I’ll tell you if I pass

  • Robin Moss

    the n word though? …… hence the probabtion smh.

  • that Taylor guy

    i have a test for probation at 9:45, its 12:30 now, i smoked a gram approx
    24 hours ago, and have been a HEAVY smoker for over a year, doing the certo
    to pass my test, ill be back in after the test to let you know how i do!
    wish me luck, keep on tokin!