How To Pass A Saliva Drug Test – Secret Revealed

How To Pass A Saliva Drug Test - Secret Revealed

How To Pass A Saliva Drug Test Like a long term marijuana user, among the greatest challenges I face is pre-empl…
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Accu-Metrics tests hair, urine and saliva for traces of marijuana, opiates, ecstasy, PCP, cocaine, methamphetamines, etc. Our drug tests are available worldw…
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  • HowToDo Srbija

    Going to try it later. Thanks

  • Brad Kulak

    very helpful thanks

  • Igor Rubezic

    dang i have been looking for this tut everywhere! thanks for posting

  • bjhoneyfingers

    Yep- Drug test friend is the one i went to they’re good Also that dude
    “lex” posts Great stuff and some other individuals on youtube too -Cheers
    thanx! ….BTW you’re hot 😉

  • usasmdc

    Looks awesome. 😀

  • murderface74

    Drug testing does not improve the work force… but it does generate money
    for a police state.

  • murderface74

    Drug testing is s sham especially for Marijuana and Ill tell you why. Your
    body produces cannabinoids naturally. Your body has an endo cannabinoid
    system. When you are born cannabinoids are naturally produced to help the
    baby ease the stress and pain of being born. Now why would there only be
    one plant on earth that produces THC or cannabinoids that are metabolized
    by your body naturally and are nontoxic and effective in balancing out pain
    and other things directly related to your body. Its a sham and a crime
    against humanity also the wrong people are being tested for drugs…. Its
    congress and the President who need to be tested but we know those people
    are efed in the head

  • Emma Joe

    i did a hair test on October 25th and i have been clean for 5 months and i
    don’t understand how it would come back positive? can it come positive when
    you have a partner who has been relapsing or when i work with addicts can
    that pass on to me and come back positive? i know if i used i would be
    honest with the social workers because it would look worse if i did lie but
    i swear to god i didn’t relapse. can it be the one who did the hair test be
    positive for cocaine or they mixed up my hair test.

  • Brian Ramirez

    I think drug test is interfering our human rights…Its just another way to
    incarcerate people

  • dale manthey

    Sir. Where the aforementioned subject is concerned,I fart in your general

  • joe sanfilippo

    no dumbass it is legal to drink

  • Rodney Colbert

    Ok of u failed the drug test that means u didn’t smoke if u passed that
    means u did smoke.

  • Selina Amy

    are the ppl who watch u piss alloud to tell u to lift ur shirt up or lift
    ur dress up around ur neck an ask u to open ur legs towards them and stuff
    like that ,this is happening to me from a man who takes the urine and its
    making me not go to the place much cos i cant stand that man he is sick i
    think and i want him to lose his job because i have asked a few other ppl
    in the building who i sit with to wait for our turn an they all say no he
    dont say that to them so his singeling me out because he thinks im really
    young when im 25 i just look 15 or 16,wat should i do when this is
    happening? when his been saying these kinds of things i swore at him an
    told him ur fucking outta ur mind and u can get fucked man and this last
    time he did i told him i was goin to go get my man out the car to knoc him
    out cos im gettin sick of him doin that shit to me.

  • Jeniffer Gonzalez

    In hair testing, i drank 3 weeks ago, had a urine/hair test yesterday. Is
    fa pre employment test. Will they test me for alcohol with the hair??