How to Pass a Drug Test or Urine test for a Job -Marihuana Marijuana THC

This video explains how to pass a drug test or drug screen for marihuana marijuana THC if you need to take one for a job. Easy to Follow Step by Step Instruc…

The THC in marijuana will show up in a urine tests up to 45 days after chronic use or less if the pot is only smoked occasionally. Consider getting something…


  • Joseph Trimmer

    Everyone should know this! #420 #weed press +1

  • NewTypexvii

    wtf… European contries dont do drug tests, Marijuana should be off the

  • JubJub

    It’s really easy, don’t do fucking drugs and you pass.

  • farkles1

    This video sucks.
    My Drug Test video shows the detox drink that works and you don’t have to
    run laps.

  • Joseph Trimmer
  • Joseph Trimmer

    #420 #weed #pot #marihuana #marijuana #uranalysis #pisstest

  • Iliek

    This is a step up from a lot of the misinfo out there about this. However,
    I would like to point out that “detox” is a misnomer, as neither THC nor
    its metabolites are toxins.

  • Troy Thelonewolf

    Dilution Will not work! Many drug testing companies will reject any urine
    that comes out like water. That is a dead give away that you are trying to
    dilute the urine sample. Then you will have to take another piss test that
    you will have to pay for.

  • Evan Deloach

    WARNING : don’t bring weed to school, haha found that out the hard way 

  • David Xanatos

    Taint nothin, go kill yourself!!!!! 

  • WyWallace103

    Before i would smoke weed on the weekends, the last time i smoked was two
    sundays ago, i’m about 270 6 ft 4, i have also been working out 5 days a
    week on the stairmasters and going to the sauna and drinking water, i just
    applied to target this previous tueday, they urine drug test should i be

  • John Wayne

    Im11 thx for the vid

  • touchmyfanny

    Dilution is not as effective as substitution 

  • owen pruitt

    The easiest way is to buy cranberry pills from any pharmacy/convenience
    store.. Take 2 in the morning and 2 at night while drinking water all day.
    You’ll be clean in 3-5 day depending on how much you weigh 

  • ganjabeans

    Who the fuck is this guy?

  • focusstick

    Regardless of how you feel the facts remain the same. Fat cells, 3-4 weeks,
    eat healthy and put down the weed for a while, if it truly is not
    addictive, putting down the pipe shouldn’t be difficult at all.

  • jane delighted

    its never orange juice only Lemons can do this

  • arron shelato

    He looks and sounds like hes smoked alot of loud lmao

  • miguel fajardo

    man lets boo this man lol

  • Sunshine Rays

    How to get weed out of your system is to never put it in there or take 1
    pull a month and it should not register. 

  • mike bartels


  • Jack Torrance

    You are wrong, Doctor. Clinics today will know for sure that you have
    tried to mask the test. Not surprising you are from Florida. 

  • chris walker

    Urine Drug Test
    1 time only 5-8 days
    2-4 times per month 11-18 days
    2-4 times week 23-35 days
    5-6 times per week 33-48 days
    Daily Usage 49-90 days

    you’re welcome

  • George Ace

    I was tested in hospital years ago. A nurse told me it will test positive
    for months. So at the time I just continued to smoke it. Didn’t care if
    they tested me again or not because I was already told it would test
    positive. LOL So they couldn’t prove if I smoked any or not.
    I’ve given it up now and glad I did. I’m feeling lots better and happier
    without the garbage!!

  • KuteyKristy

    @Itsmeeman1 Cannibis IS ADDICTIVE….put that in your pipe and smoke it if
    it wasnt people wouldnt go threw withdrawls and shit…

  • dghboy212

    your a fag, if everyone smoked America would be a better place to live

  • RezHobo

    @JustGoSkateNow poison ivy is a fuckin plant, but it has some effects on
    homo sapiens

  • Itsmeeman1

    @KuteyKristy You’re a moron, and that’s Official! Spread your dumb-assed
    lies and BS somewhere else as we’re not interested in hearing it here.
    TOBACCO is sprayed with radioactive fertilizer, NOT cannabis. Cannabis is
    NOT addictive. It’s desirable. The cannabinoids found in it that CURE
    CANCER are IDENTICAL to those found in human breast milk!!!!! If you have a
    problem thinking or remembering things then that’s obviously down to YOU!

  • mrarches

    @DtTV94 if only it was as easy as that.

  • Intel-Pick

  • mmmmmarcus

    @evanyzer123 Lmfao you moron, heyshutupyou’s comment was an attack on

  • dickhead932

    1 g 1 week tops

  • Ty Hranac

    Because we live in a society where people are ignorant to the truth and
    punish people for partaking in individual freedoms… 😛

  • OnlyHempFuture

    Why would you like to flush the THC out of your body .. when you went
    trough so much trouble getting it in there 😛

  • OnlyHempFuture

    Please stop! insulting us with your unbelievably uneducated blabber about
    Marijuana you have obviously no idea what this Natural remedy is or does
    according to your incredibly (sorry to say that) stupid comments in all
    your videos They are misinforming, incorrect, deceiving and harmful .. and
    you should know that THC OIL is Not a Drug Not even a Medicine but a Life
    essential Nutrients called Cannabinoids and Anandamides that are crucial
    part of our immune-system Education!! ~ OneLove ~ JBB

  • dyllanmejia

    @MyFootball73 more than enough bro it take like three days, i joiined the
    military and they fuckin lie about how good the drug test are lol

  • GAYCHI89

    A how long does it stay in your blood got a lab test and piss test need
    some help please comment asap any remedies to get it out

  • MrAsterlite

    Water PHYSICALLY CAN’T flush out thc, as it is fat soluble. More
    misinformation by the ignorant self-righteous police.