How to Participate in A Sacramento Medical Marijuana Program

It is very important for medical patients that they clearly understand the process and become familiar with the forms they’re expected to complete to be licensed by the health department in Sacramento so they can participate in all of Sacramento medical cannabis program.

Talk to your trusted Medical Doctor
First and foremost, medical patients need to request a recommendation letter from a medical doctor before they can participate in all medical cannabis programs. You may visit your preferred doctor’s office prepared with the following arguments:
You should clearly identify the symptoms you feel you can better manage with the use of this alternative medicine called medical cannabis. When you have identified it, you should also explain to the doctor why you would like to use cannabis (or want to use cannabis) to help you heal your health problems. It is a common nature of all medical doctors to understand your situation but they are oblige to know your reason behind it. Apart from that, medical doctors would also tell you the possible effect this alternative medicine could affect your welfare. To give you an idea, medical cannabis can be smoked, can be eaten, or can be used in some other form, but patients can use this cannabis to heal various health cases in limited grams only.
Doctors will always ask questions so be prepared to explain how you really need this cannabis to relive your health problems. If you have never used cannabis before, say the truth. If you have used it before, then better tell it to your doctor as well.
Another thing to consider is to make a list of medicines and therapies you have tried for your health problems, and identify which has worked and which has not worked. Doctors would ask this for sure so get ready your list and give it to him or her right away.
Completing the medical cannabis form
See to it that you know what kind of form you need to fill out when you have the recommendation letter already. If you are obtaining a medical ID card for the first time, fill out the form intended for first time ID cards, and so on for the renewal. Registry office provides medical cannabis application form for qualified patients.
But keep in mind that your application must be accompanied by two passport sized photographs, to be used on an identification card issued to applicants authorized to possess, as well as two valid ID’s with photos for identification purposes only.
Processing time
The application will vary depending on the nature of the applicant’s medical condition, and whether all of the necessary information has been received, but most of the time, it takes several weeks to process.

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