How to order marijuana/weed seed from seed bank

Best seed bank review how to marijuana weed seed bank for beginners and dummies lol.
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  • Mike Matos

    yea call me 413 301 75 02

  • Mike Matos

    No just don’t buy 100 seeds 

  • Mike Matos

    Are bored little girl

  • Ivan Castrellon

    Can anybody sell me seeds? I live in Texas and will pay

  • Tomern121

    It works. I tried and they ship it insde a dvd box. Its stuck inside the
    dvd and you pry it open and the seeds are in it.

  • Chris Lee

    Do you only get one free seed?

  • Andy Tasker

    $11.71 for one Acapulco Gold seed.


    i wonder has anyone called him 

  • john lee

    u said they got free seeds??

  • Vahlek

    i dont know.. i dont want the feds knockin on my door 

  • ty stems

    I would love to see the package first im have all my supplies for a nice
    auto grow but Im scare about trustin these sites

  • daniel velez

    The Feds didn’t knock on your Door? i want some seeds but i am scare of
    getting in trouble. 

  • Christian Loohagen


  • oliveravalos1

    but ahhhhhh that picture of my master kush lookin goodddddd

  • Damon Francisco

    Dude…Where’s my torso?

  • Clayton Wilson

    Need good seed bank to order to Pittsburgh pa 

  • Jason Blevins

    yes dumfuck kud have smoked 2 doobs buy now wanted to no about buiyn seeds

  • Clark Kent

    I would highly recommend you all avoid castle seed bank. They have a big
    ”pledge” to their customers as soon as you go to your website. They are
    liars and thieves,.They sent me auto flower seeds instead of the 30 master
    kush I ordered, sent me 6/6 Bc mango seeds,all were male,and sent me Sensis
    Northern lights that grows about 1 inch per year-truthfully. Then they will
    lie to you,not make it right like they say on their sight, then they just
    ignore you like it’s your fault for ordering.

  • hashawn78

    what a tool title should of said to burnt to know what im talking about

  • scottdeaussie

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