HOW TO MAKE CANNABUTTER~Medical Marijuana Butter RECIPE~Ease Your Chronic Pain!

To Watch PART 2: If you (or someone you know) live in a constant state of pain due to serious illness or injury, t…
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    What happens if you use salted butter?

  • Richard Head

    I live in apartment building, and am a little worried that hours of cooking
    this stuff will stink up the whole floor! Will it?

  • Holistic Slacker

    Could we have some info. as to what size stock pot, amount of organic
    butter, amount of cannabis, amount of water, etc?

  • LionEntity

    Chronic pain, okay…what about curing cancer?

  • Nick Castillo

    how much plant matter do you need?

  • Josh Webbs

    My heart sank when I saw all that water poured on that bud

  • Alchimiaweb

    Légalisez le Cannabis !!! :)

  • CannaButter Senior

    This is a great recipe. Thanks! For you Cannabutter makers check out the
    cannabutter stick mold & storage containers. No waste, no smell & no
    guessed measurements when cooking!

    Best way to form and store your cannabutter

  • Christopher

    This recipe really really works….an amateur such as myself was able to
    get it perfect the very first time I have tried anything like this……

    Some other vids you will see show canna butter being made in only a few
    minutes, but this recipe calls for hours and hours of cooking…

    Well worth it……. because it turns out VERY POTENT……

    I prolly watched this video about 2 and half times before I was confident
    enough to give it a shot…..piece of cake if you just follow the
    video….My total cook time was about six hours….

    Bravo, MonaLisaLuvsMaryJane…..ur Da Bomb…….

  • Jim Lee

    Why coarse grounds instead of fine?

  • nr98001

    Would this work with coconut oil instead of butter, since it acts like
    butter, hard when cool, liquid when hot?


    How many sticks of butter was that?

  • eggs00001

    Would be better if its gave instructions on how much of everything you need
    but still pretty dope

  • Crystal Chainsaw

    how many hours do u let it sit for

  • MadMarcusProductionz

    Perfect song haha.

  • jawa boss

    what size pots are you using?

  • xUnleadedx

    Why the blue gloves? Like you’re working with acid lol It;s just weed and
    butter. Not going to kill you.

  • John McCloskey

    doing the irish jig while its cooking lmao

  • Gregor Zupancic

    THC does not bind (melt) with water and that’s common knowledge. This is
    why people use water when smoking with bong, because THC doesn’t bind with

  • jeffrey aragon

    how much cannabis did u require