How To Make Cannabis Butter Cooking With Marijuana #101 Cannabutter Edibles Base

Learn a favorite way to make Cannabis Butter in the first episode of Cooking With Marijuana. Subscribe to RuffHouse Studios:…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Let a ~lady~ show you how to make a simple block of cannabis butter for all your baked goods. Note: For this batch of cannabutter I use a low-med quality wee…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • Tre Robinson

    that weed looks horrible

  • Phasmatos Tribum

    click here and sign the petition to legalize marijuana for medical and
    recreational purposes!!!!!

  • BBKandBBK

    Does the cannabutter smell? even once if i make cookies with it..will it
    smell after a make the cookie? 

  • Bad Intentsions TV

    lol it looks like an Enchilada.

  • Joseph Blankenship

    Could you make cosmic brownies?

  • MrDilldill86

    Can I dry the weed out and smoke it? haha

  • Marley Bongwater

    “weed burritos”

  • LaLa LiFe x

    Is it half a o of grinded weed or nugs ? 

  • Scott Spaeth

    If you like sea food you should fry up some shrimp with your canna butter 

  • sebastiano luciano

    how many brownies can I make

  • Trey Ware

    Soo 7 grams per stick of butter is the traditional dose. And what do you
    think about Decarboxylation for around 20 mins at 220. While infusing your
    bud into the butter & cooking your edibles in the oven will Decarboxylate
    it naturally from the heat, do you think there is any advantage to pre
    decarboxylizing your bud before you infuse it in the butter/oil?

  • Jacob McWacob


  • sam fisher

    when you use the cannabutter for cooking brownies or something, whats the
    highest temp u should set the oven so u dont burn off all the thc?

  • belia1313

    Good vid but too much butter 

  • jay hawk

    What’s da brand of da cheescloth ruffhouse studios

  • Akiem TrippleOGGamer

    heyy can someone please tell me whats the best butter to use?

  • anzwertree

    I love you. I mean, uh …. tha-thanks.

  • VoiD1x

    When u try to train the butter of the liquid at 6:00 u can put gloves on
    (oven mits or dish gloves) and squeeze it..

  • S33KY

    I am in love with your accent. LOL

  • Greg Nichols

    Thank you! not going to use flowers though, the stalks and leaves. 

  • Slapsack69


  • Jackie Kevan

    How does it taste on toast? Good or rank? Or is this stuff just best for
    making like cakes and stuff?

  • john thompson

    lol that’s what I thought too

  • carlos guardiola

    can I double it all? put 20 grams of weed and 2 sticks of butter?

  • robbo ando

    great vid!.. make this folks , if u can handle being fucked up that is
    lol.. for those who havnt eaten strong brownies or cookies ,,,man its an
    experience for the experienced in a way.. and fun to get your good mates
    that have a sweet tooth completely fucked up!! ,, u can only sting em ounce
    though haha.. unless there a bit slow, or fat. .

  • dirtyjerzi81

    I almost lost it when she put the water in it smh this is not the most
    efficient way to make cannibutter she didnt even purify the butter first
    and it should be unsalted butter 

  • Young Hypa

    In ANYONE’S opinion,.. How long should I let the weed cooking with the
    butter? Most people say 2 days,. But I’ve also heard 24 hours and now I
    hear 45 minutes… How long should I leave it cooking and why?

  • emilio .T

    A couple of questions:
    1. how much grams of herb should i use if its a generic quality?
    2. is more get more high, or it goes to waste?
    3. so how much time i should leave it to cook? (in the butter)
    thanks for the answers :D

  • Marfnl disse

    if you want cleaner butter Use more water.
    and a bigger boll

  • IM_RAZKAL_B****

    Used this vid last year..took a while to find it again lol

  • Samuel Perillo

    ok, so now i tryed to do a second batch but this time i used 2 stick and
    16grs of middies, let it do its thing fo 3 hrs and now i only tested like
    halve of a tablespoon and i feel like a buzz but nothing more, i havent
    baked with it yet but when i do ill post it…but i guess the ratio that i
    did first was a bit off..

  • xUnleadedx

    ew…people..use GOOD weed..not bush from your garden lol

  • Roland of Gilead

    Nicely done! 

  • Emeianoite

    Might be a stupid question but the water you drained, doesn’t that also
    have thc? 

  • Jay Horner

    Is there any alternative to cheese cloth?

  • Lance Casey

    Thx for laying it down easy and not confusing

  • FuckOffGrasshopper