how to make a quick easy cheap weed pipe

takes about 5 minutes.
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  • GARP Floyd

    whats the name if the small metal thingy at 0:48?

  • MrMelon112

    thanks holy that was easy

  • ofwgktafwita

    Thx a lot bro. My friend Gabe dropped his glass pipe and it shattered so we
    were stuck with a 20 and nothing to smoke with. But then u saved our
    fucking life man lol. Anyways Thx for the vid

  • CrimsonBaloney

    Thank you so much… Time for some sour deisel >:)

  • Moaz Ahmad

    can u do a similair thing with a pringles can 

  • braden craig

    And big powerade bottles work best

  • braden craig

    I made 3 of those before I saw this vid I thought I was so smart

  • PDPBandit

    no problem bud 🙂

  • PDPBandit

    glad I could help you out bud! enjoy many more times lol

  • 1337Subber

    Its called a socket

  • Kevin Smith

    Just so you know, foil isn’t good for you, but it has become sort of a
    stoner-legend about how bad it is for you. I AM NOT RECOMMENDING USING IT,
    but if your in a tight spot smoking a quick bowl out of it wont hurt you.
    Daily use is a diff story though.

  • PDPBandit

    It mainly depends if your weed is ground up or not. You can break off small
    pieces from nugs that will fit snugly or you can use ground up weed just
    make sure that the socket is a smaller size. Even if you use ground up weed
    with a bigger socket a very small amount falls through. If you are hard
    pressed to save every bit you have though you can still shake it out of the
    bottle when you are done lol.

  • MrDarkwynter

    You are the freaking man PDPBandit great vid bro!!!!!!!!!

  • noahfrench202229

    Thank u

  • oBlackCoffee

    I have the same laptop! hah

  • Antonio Rodriguez

    That’s awesome thanks!

  • tanjali omar tanjali

    hell no; thats fcking disgusting

  • The123patbreen

    Youre the best guy.

  • Jammerieo Austin

    I hella had stuff to make it go lookin now im lit lol

  • tweaty13579


  • banjung69

    that’s what I did 😀 thanks for making this video man, helped out a lot!