How to get a medical marijuana doctor’s recommendation on This week Sean Takes you inside the Medical Kush Doctor to explain the process of getting a medical marijuana recommendation. For more …
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Chubbs and Tang talk about the process involved in getting a valid medical marijuana recommendation / prescription in Ca…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • 123…a

    Coolest doc eva

  • Andrew Jones

    The more weed you smoke the healthier your lungs get!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *grab my
    bong*… Shittttt time to get my lungs healthy(^o^) 

  • darren carey

    How do I get a hold of that doctor

  • CumSlinger43

    flagging this video and reporting to Drug Enforcement Agency for marijuana
    use: are illegal. i hope you guys educate yourself next time because
    marijana is dangerous.

  • Brandon Glasgo

    What’s Dr. Weil’s first name?

  • Samuel Boucher

    get marijuana !

  • VNessMescudi

    Hell yeahh… no more anxiety praise the lorddd

  • MegaSuppressor

    Lol looks like I won’t have to worry about cancer!

  • alex yciano

    you should of gotten that docter stoned A’F!!

  • Xx209Kill

    were is this guy at??

  • nnnnnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Its that easy?

  • AttackOfTheWeed

    Wouldn’t know brother. I’d just go give it a try in all honesty. I’m not
    sure if we have the same relaxed rules as California does. But no harm in
    giving it a shot. The worst they can do is say no.

  • fightdude123able

    do i need medical records if so what is it n how do i get it?

  • Sogellmort

    Yeah hey! Well, i’m born in norway and all. But this is in california if
    i’m right? And if i move to california. Will they say that i cant get
    medical cannabis?

  • Edgar Alves

    best doctor ever ahaha

  • Jeremy Thompson

    I could use advice on getting a prescription for my anxiety, I really dont
    like pot but I’d rather take that, something thats more natural then
    anti-psychotics they want me to take. I reside in northern california and
    i heard only in Redding can prescribe it thats closet to me, I reside
    around Chico area. Thanks for any help if you can offer

  • richard m

    quick question guys, I’m 18 have pain in my knees and have trouble
    sleeping. i have a MA drivers license but i live in CA and could show a
    bill showing i reside in CA. think id have any problems getting my card?

  • Ben Priday

    Drinking kills, that’s the difference

  • yellow5n

    last time i renewed they guy was eating a salad and only asked two
    questions. “what does thc do for you” and “why do you need thc”. about a 2
    minute interaction. they are not all like that. one lady drilled me pretty
    hard but i had nothing to hide.

  • GottaTokeToSmoke

    haha, it’s so easy to get one, especially in california and in colorado.
    Insomnia is good for most or even back pain, they don’t check a thing!

  • XxAsDesireFallsxX

    @CyprusCY61 U mad?

  • googeish

    I can’t sleep at night does this qualify?

  • TheHills OfSkyline

    who cares? back in the day people drank whiskey to cure their ailing back
    and other bodily pains to get them through the night, or day. how is this
    any different?

  • bassplayer703

    depends on the doctor

  • GottaTokeToSmoke

    I’m not sure. I don’t know if its legal medically there. But they will
    probably ask for your medical records and do tests. so probably. In
    california, they dont do much.

  • Jason Hosford

    @UntitledSong2000 Hell I dont know anything about it I’m just guessing
    because I heard that doctors use MMJ to treat chronic migraines.

  • Evin Ryan

    what if your canadian

  • LifeAsA

    The medical system is a farce failure in the first place, obviously so are

  • Coon Hunter

    Better than being some no-life youtube troll

  • superskijew

    @musicianbro113 im 12 too. i do the same thing as him

  • fartknocker

    Ive got a question. Do either one of you actually have any real ailment
    that is being treated by medical marijuana, or are you guys simply out to
    get high?

  • UntitledSong2000

    @wiiLuvCalifornia ok thank you, i really do have that ailment but i dont
    have paper work, should that be a problem. idk if u know

  • epic paco

    What ailments can you say you have in order to get access to both indica
    and sativa?

  • Comatose Ovadose

    @ultmobrian i heard there is no testing they can do to prove whether you’re
    lying about ‘chronic pain’… if you want to try this method i suggest you
    practice your acting so it becomes like second nature…

  • Pingpongd

    Don’t worry…. i’m sure they took a nice big hit in honor of how fucking
    stupid you are. xD

  • LTDanno360

    thankyou! just eant i wanted to know

  • Almighty King Ivan

    you have to live in dc i think

  • Musicianbro113

    @DrUNk00FoX Aren’t you a little young?