HOW TO: Germinate and Grow Cannabis – Marijuana from Seeds Get off immediately!!! Limited time; Use: Sticky420 code Selecting the proper seed for germinating and growing cannabis marijuana plants….
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  • fudgedog

    Why not just do what I do, drop the seed in some good moist soil outside
    and water once in a while, its just a weed and will grow like mad.

  • Beej O

    Stay away from Miracle Grow, or any soils that have synthetic fertilizers
    pre-mixed in the soil. Recommend using regular black dirt top soil mixed
    with; perilite, vermiculite. For every 4 cups of dirt add around 1 cup of
    other mediums. After that its all lights, and definitely spend the money on
    the right fertilizers. Cheap fertilizers formulated for what your growing
    will work too.

  • Liam Duff

    Whell, its really up to the Cannabis Cops. Depending on which type of (Pot
    Police issue, magic sex dust clearly) powder they had been issued on that
    particular evening, and wether or not world Male to Female ratios are in
    line or not. Since cutbacks have forced THOSE numbers to be tallied out of
    Dublin Ireland, theres really no telling, as the Irish have always inflated
    facts involving women in any way, shape, or form.

  • Nsantmyre1208

    whats wrong with useing miracle grow??

  • frank micallef

    i like it

  • Beej O

    A freakin’ spoon to transplant! Brilliant basic creativity and using what’s
    around. Peeps from Illinois; e-mail your state representative for medical
    use. Only 1 more GOP to switch sides and it’s passed. Be an informed
    citizen and defend your rights for God sakes! Or the filthy swine will put
    us all in jail

  • slenderchines

    you need to pick them out when you trim it

  • Mc Ray

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  • Pmacskates

    Thanks for the vid man

  • Beej O

    Depending on how air tight the separation is between dif plant sexes and
    air purification system, if any, be safe. Only allow a node or two, at the
    most, pollen sacks to develop on the male plant. That will be PLENTY of
    pollen to do the deed with a female plant.

  • seaner21889

    is best not to use he same kind

  • Jamar Peterson

    when transfering can u us a different soil


    if you leave the males and females together do the seeds fall off or do you
    have to pick them out of the bud