How Much Will LEGAL Marijuana Cost? “This Law Really Did NOT Legalize Marijuana”

November 07, 2012 Q13 News


  • Ryan Smale

    How Much Will LEGAL Marijuana Cost? “This Law Really Did NOT Legalize

  • Nelson Sutter

    The closer you are to the mexican border the cheaper it is

  • Tristen Garnerer


  • DeathSideAngel

    I can get quarter ounce for 20 bucks, 10 bucks for a gram is greedy when
    the supply will be higher then demand when grown at your own home…

  • frederico George

    The “pursuit of happiness” has always been a right.

  • DeathSideAngel

    Give people the option to grow it…

  • a jones

    THE CURE for our planet’s ill’s…Cannabis Hemp…
    Product prices always start high but should & indeed must be reduced in
    price to discourage corporate & cartel interests, also to make the sacred
    cancer curing plant available to all who choose it’s use…A natural plant
    cannot be subject to a patent…
    Expect it ! 

  • Brisamar Ramos

    In cali is 20

  • James Gardner

    why do people get all touchy when someone grows to sell when dispensaries
    charge way more idont get it


    Take your jury duty serious and apply “No Victim, No crime” = Not guilty

    That’s how slavery laws became invalid. That’s how alcohol prohibition
    ended. And that is how YOU can nullify these stupid laws. Congress doesn’t
    even read the bills they vote into law.

  • ToneProjectTV

    The feds need to worry about other things then weed.

  • sniperkit8

    Every Tree and every Plant must be Legal ! Or to much nature ?

  • robinsss

    he’s wrong

    it legalized marijuana

  • Adolf Hipster

    i get decent quality for 10.but its the same strain tho