How Long Do Drugs Stay in your System? | Drug Facts & the Body

Bobby Wiggins, Drug Prevention Specialists, gives important information on how long do drugs stay in your system? Drugs stay in the body for only a short tim…
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  • Cory Stevens

    Some one help I just tried weed for the first time im 5’7 weighing 177 and
    im 19 hated it now im regretting it I want a better job Ill admit I hit the
    bowl like 4 times I believe. I dont in hail but im sure some got In me so i
    just wanna know how long at rough estimate will it be in my system im so
    worried about a job its crazy

  • Lindsay Alexander

    U wanna be a speaker for a na?

  • widmo 448

    Do you think that detox will sufice?

  • Invictus Champ

    so what is the eventually suggested treatment to clear off besides sauna??

  • Prabhat Shrestha

    I have been addicted to drugs for more than 8 years and now I am clean for
    more than 20 months, before i quit i used oral meds to try to help quit
    drugs and then i suddenly i went abroad where i cant find any stuff, now i
    am working, but m feeling fatigue every time even i am not working that
    hard, i am not having any kind of withdrawl symptoms but I dont have any
    energy like i am sick….why?????? there is still something on my fatty

  • widmo 448

    Good evening!
    High school in deed 🙂
    My name is hubert and i was smoking a lot of grass some time ago, i also
    had some speed parries, but im clean since some time becouse i have no time
    for it and im to lazy to look for it when i come back home, im abusing
    coffie and im getting a big chubby since my friends buys me 1-2 beers after
    work, i smoked few blunts this month and i had a harder party but im
    thinking to apply for better job and they requie a drug test. I dont need
    them after all but i would like to follow ur sugestion how to clean up my
    body and pass the test
    Thanks a lot 🙂

  • Coda V

    Good for you man. This is good to know.

  • metalupyourass20

    @RapidGameplay u mean its not a drug????

  • Kathy Rankin

    who could afford cocaine?

  • hulklu1

    Does this work for Tylenol,advil,and all other Medication drugs.

  • XXXtheboss187

    Ok so go to sauna.

  • daka singh

    hey @ narconon great videos man…….any way could you help me plz how
    long does methadone stay in your body and how can i get it out my system
    quick and how long will it take?…with execise? i run and swim alot infact
    every other day either swim or run…thanks man

  • pedlo pazuzu

    why dont u make a video about smoking also please? i love all of your
    videos! 🙂

  • dan ramos

    1:21 “and here come the drugs!” HOORAY

  • JohnnyX1239

    Does narconon also help with psychiatric drugs withrawal, like
    antipsychotic or benzo meds?

  • BettyTheBlindGnome

    It is

  • OldSerpentOfSin

    @RapidGameplay Wait… What?