How I Quit Smoking Pot – Perhaps the Most Truthful and Humbling Video I Have Ever Made – Joe “The Connector” Kennedy’s first time talking about quitting pot. This is perhaps the most honest and humbling video I hav…
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In today’s Vlog, I list some of the main reasons why I quit smoking marijuana at the beginning of this month Wanna follow me on Instagram? @instagram Wanna a…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • Joe Tesla Kennedy

    Oh no Fu Tu – I had been growing that hair just for you – and you didn’t
    like it ….? Oh no!

    In reality the hair was grown for Locks of Love and kids with medical
    problems. What have you done to help anyone?

    BTW – I never did find any rats living in there, but there were a couple of
    birds’ nests ….

  • Ahmad Subhi

    Hey guys.
    Pot and I have a love hate relationship. during the beginning of the
    semester, I got caught toking in my dorm room. I was subsequently kicked
    out of the dorm. I could not find a place to live so I am back at home for
    the semester. The legal troubles gave my mom a practical heart attack and I
    would never want to put her through that again. I was kind of hoping to get
    probation so I would not be tempted to go back to it. But I didn’t, I got
    off with community service. So here we are one month later, and I am at my
    friends house smoking. I bought a $20 bag, midway through it I felt so
    guilty that I chopped the whole thing it my friend I want to quit for my
    family sake. If I get caught again the stress would kill them. But I also
    love it top things off, I am almost blind and I smoke to treat my glaucoma.
    I ask myself yesterday, what do I love weed or family, or weed? I choose

  • Joe Tesla Kennedy

    +Chris Carlin my suggestion is to first just make the decision. You really
    want to stop, but WHY? First focus on your WHY. Perhaps is for for better
    health, maybe to save money. Mine WHY had a lot of reasons behind it – I
    just want to be a better person – have optimal health, be more productive,
    be more present in my relationships and have more energy. Yours may be
    different. When your WHY is strong enough it won’t be difficult at all.

    After your why, focus on a couple of healthy habits – for me it’s eating
    clean and working out. Another thing that helps me along the way is going
    out of my way to help others. It’s always a good thing – and always comes
    back to you.

    Please let me know how it goes for you. I do care!

  • vipmd

    It gives me insomnia and headaches. But it pin points the areas of pain and
    helps me stretch. I was in a car accident… it helps me deal with pain but
    it makes me VERY ignorant, lazy and careless. I hate being wet when I’m
    stoned so it keeps me from showering. I QUIT! 

  • Josh Hartung

    Have you still stuck with quitting?

  • Ben Franklin Comedy

    Hey buddy.

    Just wanted to thank you for such an honest video. I am currently on day 8
    myself and it’s not going great but I am determined to knock it on the head.

    Once again thanks again mate. Stay strong.

  • aharanha

    It can be dangerous even in small amounts for some people…I have Bipolar
    disorder and pot is very dangerous for me. I know some people says it
    helps with depression and bipolar, but for a lot of others, it is not good
    at all.

  • NoblesseOblige

    I once did 8 whole marijuanas and it was fucking brutal. I’m also trying to
    quit mountain dew and chocolate cupcakes.

  • Osmosis

    This moved me.

  • Charles Granville

    To those guys with this “you fucking idiot pot isn’t addictive attitude”. I
    think you need to learn to stop trying to project yourself onto other
    people. No one is the same, and yes weed physically has no symptoms of
    addiction, however the the possibility for a mental addiction is very real,
    i myself like this fantastic man who made this video have a very addictive
    personality. You like to smoke yes? of course so do i, but have you ever
    noticed how you will always try to justify why you are smoking to yourself
    even when its counterproductive… Weed can have a very negative effect on
    your life, its not real its not your conscience its an adaptation of your
    conscience just like how you are when your drunk, no one wants to be drunk
    all the time apart from alcoholics why? because its a coping mechanism
    being high the whole time is the same thing, well it is for me anyway.. I
    had a tough child hood and it all came to a head at my 1st year of
    university when i started smoking weed and it really fucked me man… you
    know i still smoke now after going through 2 years of depression which in
    fact was started by weed, the only reason i do smoke now is because i know
    that its all about the mindset, if you eat healthy, exercise regularly and
    live a productive life a bed time smoke is no problem, but its very easy to
    slip back into the cycle of constant smoking (this happened to me). so
    don’t think just because your “fine” in your own head, everyone else is
    fine. I am all for legalized weed world wide because it is a natural
    medicine, because everyone has the human right to choose what the fuck they
    do to themselves just like they can with booze and cigarettes, just tax
    them accordingly and use those taxes to provide health care and support
    systems for those who get damaged from it. You know in Holland where its
    legal to smoke weed, only 9% of the population smokes the rest are
    tourists.. the government is talking shit, its all about population
    control, fight for your rights but be aware of yourselves when you choose
    to smoke all the time.

  • Dante Kaus

    I need to quit so bad! But I can’t it’s impossible I’m gonna end up blowing
    my brains out cause I hate this addiction with a passion but I can’t say
    no!!!!!!! I should’ve said no in tenth grade when I went to Charlie’s house
    but now 3 years later I’m as close to rock bottom as ever. Someone please
    kill me so at least I don’t goto he’ll for killing myself

  • Jordan Turner

    I myself had to auit too. At the moment I have bad cravings and peiple
    asking me to smoke. But I know that all I have to say is no and make it to
    the next day. One day at a time friend. Thanks for the video, it helps alot
    knowing theres other people going tbrough the same thing as me.

  • blite13

    I pity Americans, you really believe that weed is just like cocaine, meth,
    heroin. So brainwashed, I pity American’s, you are so mind fucked, they
    have you under their control. USA PATENT 6630507

  • shiva8bugz

    Great vid and keep it up your doing the right thing and takes alot to admit
    you’ve done the hard bit and passed on the help :). you gave me some
    motivation in something i have been trying to do for a long time now, i
    know for some people it might have its benefits but for me it has also
    become a problem in my everyday life i have yet to go a full day without
    smoking and seem to give in to my urges after watching your video you’ve
    made me realize that i need to concentrate on the whole package mind body
    soul which i kinda new but half heartily did, so thank you again keep it

  • Jack David

    Well done lad hope it does go well and no way are you over fifty lol

  • Quentin Davis

    I would have DEFINITELY procrastinated quitting that one more week til the
    holidays, birthday, and New Year’s passed! lol

  • Jigme

    I got into smoking pot in class 9 and like you I have an addictive
    personality. I used to be a good sportsman and thought smoking pot was
    harmless but as the years went by I wanted to play less and smoke more,the
    circle of friends I got into just made it worse too. I want to quit but
    it’s not easy. I am really happy for you bro and want to thank you for this
    video as it does help in a way knowing other people are going through the
    same thing. 

  • Ahmad Subhi

    I don’t think I could ever be a moderate toker. That’s what sucks. If I
    have it I will go through it. what are you guys thoughts on moderation? I
    have glaucoma, and three years ago the only time I would smoke was when my
    eye was hurting me particularly badly. happens like once every two months.
    But then I got involved with the wrong crowd. And yeah the rest is history
    when I graduated high school I had an IQ of 130. Now I don’t even want to
    check it. I just wish I could go back to the days of being a once a month
    smoker. But if I have a stash I will kill it. I like to have a stash in
    case my man runs out. 

  • PeaceLoveHappiness

    Good luck on your path!
    I quit for 34 days a couple months ago. I intend on quitting again on my
    birthday which is in two weeks for at least a year. 

  • Eric Argoni

    anyone else’s libido go through the roof after they quit? im on like week 3
    and i feel like im in puberty again….its awesome. im around your age and
    everything you say i agree with, mainly the knowing myself part. ive been
    smoking since i was 19 and i really dont know who i am. thats sad because i
    feel behind others who already know who they are. the social anxiety part
    too. ive quit so many jobs because i cant handle being around groups of
    people. the bud turned me into a hermit when im supposed to be in the prime
    of my life. being 22 and relying on others is fucking terrible. good luck
    to you! im in the same boat. 

  • P.Money

    How you holding up still not smoking ? 🙂 

  • Stuart Fuchs

    I watched it all & you ARE inspiring! Thank you for being SO honest &
    open. I hope that you are feeling in a much more balanced relationship w
    Canabis now. I can very much relate to your story. All the benefits of
    Yoga & Meditation come easier & with so much more depth w/o any
    intoxicants. There is definitely a reason why their use is discouraged in
    the teachings…This is my experience. Keep it up! AWESOME & thank you!
    Namaste, all blessings.

  • Katie Blake

    Thanks for posting this. You made a lot of good points. All I do is dab all
    day. Literally, I’m sitting here right now with my torch and rig in front
    of me… But I always have thoughts of quitting. I’ve never quit before and
    have been smoking for 4 years now. I need to quit for the same reasons you
    do. So ya thanks again it made me think about things I didn’t before 

  • MGRaiden64

    video is blowing up my mind, what the hell is going on

  • Puppy Bonz

    Gr8-good for you.Things are alot more clearer,emotions come back,memory
    comes back.
    I can’t get through to my kids-wax heads.

  • Steve Mcgillvery

    Am all the way from Trinidad in the Caribbean, everything you said are so
    true and am trying to quit to but its so hard, really i do luv mj so much
    but i realized it takes away your full potential and caused you to full
    back but am gonna try to quit for real, you can’t want to have your cake
    and eat it guess

  • John Bassett

    Really powerful statements, you have some strong points, maybe once your
    fully independent you will see smoking differently, I know that was, is
    kindof the case for me.

  • Garrett Vann

    Just wanna congratulate you for deciding to better yourself. I feel like
    me, you, and most people our age have the same problem. We all need to get
    the fuck out of our parents house, and be independent! Weed is really
    expensive as a whole, and it makes us lazy and hungry. I really wanna quit
    too, anyway I really relate to you with the anxiety and everything you

  • thisismyaccountwoo

    I really appreciate your honesty. I’ve been smoking basically daily since i
    was 15, 20 now. Its so easy to smoke because it has never failed me. It has
    always made me feel better, physically and mentally. I’ve known people who
    have a “bad high” that makes them stop, I’ve never had that. Most of my
    smoking friends can go without it for days/weeks and feel fine. However for
    me, its my first thought in the morning, and my last thought at night. It’s
    taken me a while to realize that this isn’t normal – pot is supposed to be
    a treat not a necessity. Everyone else in the world goes through life
    without smoking everyday, why can’t I? lol i guess I’m just stubborn? My
    biggest reason to finally take steps to stopping (whether that be long-term
    or short-term) is my extreme lack of motivation. Just ran out today, we’ll
    see how it goes…. good luck to you!

  • Joycelyn Gaillard

    Yessssss omggggggg to social anxiety !!!! That’s me!!!! 

  • Rob Swanson

    I can totally relate with you. I just want to see what will happen with my
    life and myself without it.I to really love to smoke but again I just want
    to see what will happen.

  • Trini Yogi

    Hello! Just wanted to say thank you for being so open, honest and real! I
    completely understand where you’re coming from. I thought I could be a
    moderate user but I’m not cut out like that. On my sober journey as well..
    Freelee motivated me to eat better and this video is exactly what I needed
    to stay strong on the not smoking front. Thank you! <3

  • Mar occ

    Love this vid Perrie it is all things I can relate with, keep it up! and
    remember don’t be insane ;)! 

  • Neezraff

    Yo girl I feel your pain the longest I’ve gone without smoking was 3 months
    since I was 17 and I’m 21 now I’m pretty addict I smoke everyday like you
    and if I quit for a while I get extremely irritable and depressed it’s an
    escape from all the shitty things. At this point in my life I am extremely
    isolated I lost all my friends cause I lost motivation to do anything cause
    I’m add as it is and it’s just super shitty I need to get out of this cycle
    I’m attempting to begin today, good luck with you i know this video was
    made in June so hopefully you’ve overcome your addiction, much love 

  • Jason Efthimiou

    You remind me a lot of myself, with the social interactions and anxiety. I
    am too trying to quit, relapsed after 10 days and here I am again trying. I
    love mary and what she makes me feel like but I feel I need to know what
    it’s like being sober. (It’s been like 2 years since 100% sobriety) I want
    to use in the future but very mild, like on some weekends. Starting college
    tomorrow and looking forward to my future.

    You are very smart and pretty, I believe in you.

  • Ahmad Subhi

    The other night I was at my mates house and we were smoking. I hated myself
    for it I promised my mother I would never touch that crap again she’s worth
    so much more and getting high. I think I found my factor. Thanks for
    replying 🙂 The only problem is, a few days before I quit I bought $150
    vaporizer. LOL I guess that’s down the toilet 

  • E Dempsey

    I’d love to talk to you one on one. I need to quit. I feel like weed makes
    people step out of who they are and reforms them. But when you stop it’s
    weird goin back to the sober person you used to be . Im going on a week
    without it and it’s pretty hard to stay away from especially when the
    people you associate yourself with do it daily and feel like if you’re the
    only one quitting, what’s the point.