How I Got My Cannabis Card & Other Q’s

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  • fade2black001

    I can buy weed straight from the weed store. Only card required is a valid
    ID showing you’re 21

  • Wylie Sansbury

    Why do smoke outside?

  • Jake TheCrackWhoreSkank

    I live in missouri… I wish it was a legal state. XD

  • Ricky Matthews

    i have to say that I am sorry because I came off as a jerk on one of your
    vids but I took the time to watch your vids and now I have a great respect
    for what you are doing Peace and Luv always 

  • nick villecco

    Why do you say the j in marijuana

  • yoyohihiyohi

    So you have insomnia and that means you need weed? Not sure I follow this.
    I also thought, and rightly so, one should have a real disease in order to
    get ‘medical’ pot. It’s staggering how many people subscribe just to watch
    you describe yourself literally wasting the day away.

    “duude still super fukken high…… i worked so hard to stay up all day
    yesterday….” Sounds like you have a a really difficult life.

  • Charles Jezek

    (Giantest) sea turtle ever lol…. 

  • Evi4666

    i want to start smoking pot to help me fall asleep. i work 12 hour days 6
    days a week. i’m always stressed out and cant sleep until 2-3 hours after i
    get out of my job. but i am worried it will make me dumb, a lot of stoners
    i know are slow in the head.

  • TheOfficialMersha

    how old r u

  • danz kuts

    Yea i think that when you smoke outside its a much better high because
    theres always something
    going on and so your senses are all always taking input VS when your in a
    room and nothing
    is moving or changing really.

  • Highwalker

    youre hella cool! if you live in the sf bay area, we should toke up!!! :D

  • jake williams

    Yes yes yes mgk is defiantly worth your time he is the shit #lacethafuckup

  • Venom Burn

    If you hold the smoke in your lungs longer than 3 seconds….you will find
    your weed will last you much much longer.

  • Steven Johnson

    I got my green card in cali on Venice Beach. For 100$, BEST INVESTMENT

  • Marissa Purdy

    MGK is bae

  • MegaGnerd

    like this girl is smart

  • lilman72401

    Machine gun kelly Is Very Worth It

  • Xavier Hogue

    Can you get a card in quebec, canada

  • camdog247

    Your my Ideal girlfriend 

  • thelog400

    i live in CT and i suffer from Chronic migraines. But I’m not sure if i can
    get it since its not written in the “Approved” Disease since I’ve been
    suffering with this for close 15 years or more. i just found out that
    Cannabis can help with them, but I’m not sure if i can get it. 

  • Ronan Duff

    Does your boyfriend smoke 

  • Calm Eraa

    Holy shit I Live In Sacramento Too!!

  • TheFilipinoBoxer

    lol getting weed for medical reasons is so easy its just too bad I live in

  • itsninimf

    Lol you talk just like a stoner. Like no foolin ha.