HOW and WHY does Cannabis Cure Cancer – Scientific Explanation

HOW and WHY does Cannabis Cure Cancer - Scientific Explanation

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A seven year-old girl with a rare form of cancer in Oregon uses medical marijuana as part of her treatment.


  • Edward Elric


  • ezrusa1

    FDA LOL They have ben stopping it for many years 

  • B15763823

    I’m a conspiracy theory believer and everytime the pieces of the puzzle fit
    together. Weed is NATURAL non deadly, and can cure/reduce cancer. So why is
    it illegal in almost every country? Because they want people to get sick!
    That’s why they stuff food with toxic things like aspartame and toothpaste
    with fluoride etc. So people develop cancer over the years. And they spend
    alot of money on treatment and medicine. (Which have many bad side
    affects). It’s all about money and power like always. People open your

  • Michael Molash

    In the words of Peter Griffin, “Why are we not funding this?!?”

  • hellavadeal

    I choose nature cures over mans medicines.

  • steadiworkz


  • godthisisannoying

    Years after my cousin died of cancer, at a time my stance toward marijuana
    had already shifted from the “just say no!” dogma of my childhood to a
    saner “well, these are the facts” stance, I look back and regret feeling
    unable to suggest cannabis as – at the very least – something to help ease
    her sickness. I was young, drugs were “bad” and truth is nobody would have
    paid me any heed – even while taking her to criminally expensive homeopaths.

    Never allow your loved ones to suffer needlessly, not in the name of some
    “moral crusade” started by evil people some four decades ago.

  • Cotti SumtingNew

    dem cant beat nature

  • James Carvalho

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  • Spread Some Love!

    I guess these Doctors have never seen Refer Madness.

  • Velma Jinkys

    The demonize a drug that before it ever was known by the common man to kill
    cancer was known by the elite as a drug that would hinder their enslavement
    of the MK Ultra Victims they had, still have and are one hundred percent
    responsible for prostituting to each other. The fact that the elite knew
    that cannabis creates new neuron pathways in the brain was known by them
    and they forbid their mk ultra victims from smoking it. Is it any wonder
    that political powerhouses waged a war on it? Is it just mere coincidence?
    “The illumined” ones do not believe in coincidences. 

  • snip84

    why they didnt already made a cancer cure out of canabis?

  • Staymetal541

    lol @ 3:40, clearing normal trees

  • Bhang Chocolate

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  • Steve Kuschner the best way to get the benefits
    of Cannibis without the buzz of THC.

  • delishimo

    is ‘canabis oil’ the same as ‘hemp seed oil’? if so, how much should I take
    per day to change my abnormal cells ?

  • Tomas Nofziger

    “Apoptosis” is pronounced a—po—to—sis. The second “p” is silent. Great
    program. Many thanks for the post. 

  • Anne Marie Doyle

    Good to know

  • Angie LupusLife

    wonderful video

  • ed0985587

    I am confused though….Didn’t Bob Marley die of cancer? If this were all
    true, of all people, wouldn’t he have been cured?

  • Ayin Zeple

    Awe is mommy using her cancer diagnosed child to get medical marijuana? The
    world may never know.

  • VegasFirefly

    I’m glad that medical marijuana is legal up here in Oregon. I just wish
    that Measure 80 would’ve been passed… then Oregon would be like
    Washington and Colorado right now 🙂 Hopefully we’ll succeed next time…

  • Adam Snyder

    the homeless man “the guy with the golden voice:more sucsessful brother
    talking about weed lol

  • Infidel Forlife

    I’m 1 year cancer survivor. Pharma and the medical industry make huge
    profits off cancer, they do not want to develop real treatments or anything
    that targets cancer cells. Oncologist are toxic drug pusher that mark-up
    and profit off 40 year old chemo technology, chemo kills all new
    reproducing cells in ur body in hopes to slow cancer growth and it keep it
    from spreading. It’s a fucking joke…… But, It’s a fact (like
    evolution), cannabis is practically non-toxic to the human body, it targets
    all forms of cancers and types of cancer cells found in a single tumor, and
    tells the cells turn off and die like normal cells. All the while
    unaffecting and protecting all other cell in the body. Including repairing
    damaged brain tissue from chemo and other toxic
    pharmaceuticals …..This is common knowledge in 2014

  • hd150

    she haves hair now

  • BalloonCreations09

    “Chemo is toxic, (Understatement of the year!), probably more toxic than
    cannabis is.” Hahahahahaha, cannabis is probably one of the least toxic
    substances on Earth. Doctors are primarily educated by the Pharmaceutical
    industry and, until they throw off the blinkers imposed by their masters,
    will never have the real picture of what the poisons they prescribe do to
    people and how efficacious other treatments can be.

  • Paul Atreides

    fuck cnn, they didnt even do the story right..and that woman is literally
    dumber than every stoner ive ever met. She couldnt say with a strait face
    that cannabinoids stop the Id1 in cancer. Stops metastasizing…she prolly
    doesnt even know what the fuck that is, dumb bitch. The story was mikaela
    was on chemo…then was about to die, then stopped chemo, took hash oil and
    went into remission…cnn left the whole story..a bunch of fuckkers on cnn

  • Vicious Budz

    I’m glad she is improving. She could be the poster child for the movement
    to open the gov eyes to the benefits of cannabis.

  • Tyler Lundstrom

    its muh-kayla dumb bitch

  • GamerLord1650

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  • Mackenzie Deal

    She is dying the parents would probably do anything to save her at this
    point even if it is medical marjuana

  • Kirk Sherrill

    Why not? She’s in remission and had the same cancer as my friend’s son Owen
    here in Iredell County. Owen did not have the options available to him to
    help the side effects alone from the chemo, much less to fight his cancer
    using cannabinoids to induce apoptosis. Where is our compassion for all

  • brianj123458

    if your child was dieing and cannabis could save your childs life of couse
    you should give to your child. people need to open there minds instead of
    thinking about reffermadnes. cannabis cures lots of things it from god, god
    made it to cure. how many more people have to die and suffer before the usa
    dicide that cannabis saves live and help people and childern suffer less.
    the reason the usa does not allow cannabis is bacase the cant make money
    off it which is a f ucked up reason to keep letting children and adults to
    keep dieing

  • 9Russian11

    “Is it safe to do?”
    -Human male with no kushalush experience 

  • doelau84

    did she survived the bloodcancer?

  • Tatiana Amos

    awwww, get well soon:

  • United Patients Group

    Should more #parents know about #medical #marijuana?
    #cancer #health #medicine #weed #cannabis #child #Mom #DAD

  • Medical Clinic 420 Evaluations

    medical marijuana saving life’s one day at a time! #MEDICALMARIJUANA

  • Joe Snerk

    Even this “expert” is misinformed. You think they would atleast know that
    it is the cannabinoids that provide the magority of medicinal qualities