homemade marijuana trimmer, check it out!!!!

homemade marijuana trimmer cost less than twenty dollars to make works as good as a trimpro costs about a thousand dollars less!! W T F???????


  • JD Ewing

    Approved and Dailey used by the reapers!!!!!!!!!

  • Ivan Quin

    Good job Jeff/Jackie don’t pay attention to them negative Muggs comments,
    They need to get knocked the f*^#^k out ! I knew that they was gonna say
    something about the Children, fools,swine!

  • Toujours Pret

    I have seen a few people bitching about the kids. What’s wrong with kids
    seeing plants get cut? The only reason I can think of to keep it from kids
    is to keep them from smoking it. I have never heard anyone who enjoys
    cannabis argue that kids should be allowed to smoke it. That’s just dumb
    and is one of the reasons most who are against legalization say it should
    be taken from adults who are supposed to be free to choose and run their
    own lifestyles. Most importantly, what you do in your time is nobody’s
    business but yours. Do you see or hear anything other than kids laughing
    and being loud and being kids? In some states, and countries its no
    different than watching their parents in the garden. Its so disgusting to
    me that a plant that has never in recorded history been directly
    responsible for a single death is so vilified. What is even more disgusting
    to me is that the people who have the least experience with the plant claim
    to know the most about this subject. Does anyone see anything wrong with a
    peanut farmer? Of course not. The fact is peanuts are responsible for more
    deaths in the last year than cannabis throughout the entirety of recorded
    history. For all the ignorant out there who would now presume that I am
    saying peanut farmers are evil… my point is this… there is nothing that
    we consume that doesn’t expose us to some amount of danger. Even The food
    we eat will eventually kill us. Do some research. If you are still
    convinced that this video represents bad parenting, then your twisted view
    of what it means to be a human being is what you need to focus on. I see
    exactly the opposite. I see parents that are trying to make a living to
    take care of those kids that you think are being neglected. And as far as
    the homemade trimmer, it is a practical solution to a usually super
    expensive and time consuming process. Innovation should be celebrated, not
    frowned upon.

  • matt123070

    You should use that on your wifes hairy bush!

  • steven galloway

    Now that’s some redneck shit right there lol poor buds/kids lol

  • Moneybagswag209

    damn this is sick considering i just hand rimed 4 pounds

  • John Cayman

    hahaha thats awsome very clever and smart ..beautifull tooooo keep it up

  • ntfny

    Cool But Lose the kids

  • Jonny Blaze

    spin pro works great with small buds

  • Nixak Kaxim


  • weed Judas

    some mite complain about other stuff going on but hey it works

  • Ice4Y2K

    The only thing missing is the “Dueling Banjos” sountrack from Delivernce.

  • TheDeathCrawler

    @joe n you think it matters? Do you see how much needs trimming? Are you a
    Jew? Fuck the outside of them buds. They get more fucked up dried in a bag
    or jar. Your a whiny Jew

  • jagon352

    @domokid I have been smokeing weed for over 20 years now kinda funny how
    your name is domo kid “dum mother fucking kid. true weed is nothing like
    herion or even alcohol but Its just common sense to not have kids around
    either it just makes it easier to start at a young age and im pretty sure
    with how dumb kids are to day they dont need to be any dumber sooner than

  • christina williams

    thats so much weed

  • veminvested

    im shocked that noone has tried to remake this