HIGH TIMES Medical Marijuana Magazine — Issue #4

What if we told you raw cannabis juice can save your life? HIGH TIMES Medical Marijuana Magazine investigates that claim in our latest issue, including an in…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Special Thanks to SkooterClowns for this amazing video of legal Medical Marijuana grows by legal Medical Marijuana patients!
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • Screamqueenarmy

    awesome video

  • TheKebbers

    fuck yeah, irsael! maybe more of america will jump on knowing their
    religious predecessor is for the dank stuff.

  • TuRk1y3

    buddy jacked that magazine.. haha

  • flyerthanpilots

    the narrator sounds like he’s stoned. in thr other vids he’s loud and
    excited lol

  • MikeDreadzProduction

    MikeDreadzProduction/keenwittedinc keep kush..

  • texaschizophrenic

    Sold in only the “finest” bookstores and newsstands – agreed. 😉

  • marleystatus

    1:15 seconds … thats my nugget!! see yall back on 420mag

  • Learn2Draw

    LST is supior.

  • ScVJknight

    @lospown I’ve seen you on the forums! you grow some amazing stuff!

  • herbal research

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  • Los-Pown

    @ScVJknight haha thanks man!

  • GunitForLyfe


  • firethower99

    love the names

  • tom2197

    @MegaTman90 needs to be legal world wide

  • THCisDAshit

    @slash9624 i live in Destin Fl near fort walton and panama city

  • spikstash

    these names suck!

  • TheMaidenmaniac666

    3:24 is me right there

  • MegaTman90

    need 2 b legal in all states!!!!

  • YcantWeAllGetAbong

    Yep, I masturbated to this. I had to. How could anyone not get a stiffy
    watching this?

  • pothead21717

    that is some kool bud

  • coolio3500

    Really cool video!

  • runeesca899

    @MegaTman90 needs to be legal all over the world!

  • aviac4

    MR G.!

  • Los-Pown

    im in this video lol 4:02 and 1:36


    @THCisDAshit lol ware in florida?