High on Marijuana – 1 of 4

Marijuana: High on Marijuana uses visual effects and CGI to take the viewer on a trip through the human body. Using testimony from those who enjoy using the …


  • Alan Garcia

    You can’t od on cannabis

  • NotoriousHKyle

    god i love weed. its just an amazing, beatiful little thing.

  • Sparksterfu

    The southern states will be the last to legalize it, if they do it. And
    Texas and Florida could use this legalization as this would hurt the drug
    cartels that use drug trade routes in both these states. I say legalize
    weed, decriminalize all other drugs. Stop putting hardcore drug addicts
    into prison where they get out and just become worse members of society.
    Instead of prison use well maintained rehabilitation programs meant to
    better people. Like in Portugal.

  • Jon Gori

    legal in colorado wooo

  • AlexDaGreat29

    Its actually been proven by many scientists that smoking it doesn’t cause
    heart attacks. I’ve actually done a lot of research. Do you know how many
    people smoke marijuana everyday? Please inform me of anyone that has ever
    had a heart attack because of this… “bitch” lmfao

  • AlexDaGreat29

    Millions of people smoke marijuana everyday and there are no reports of
    heart attacks. I agree with you but they were jumping to conclusions in
    this video.

  • Young Dubby

    How the hell is that bitch high with no red eyes? How the hell are any of
    them high with no red eyes?

  • Toddrick Arnold

    u didnt smoke enough into your lungs

  • Shujinkou1147

    “The 2nd rat has been injected with a drug that imitates the effects of
    marijuana” 2 problems.#1: If you have Marijuana. stop trying to imitate it.
    just test the damn drug. #2 The only drug that imitates marijuana is K2 (or
    Spice) and let me just say NOTHING CLOSE MOTHA FUKKKAA!!!!

  • imilkbongs

    this makes weed look so bad.. im fucking immune to that shit

  • jykBU11

    yeah this video has to just slightly update it’s info since marijuana is
    legal in CO and WA

  • Jake Erickson

    That rat is probably trippin so hard it’s scared to move. lol

  • Troy Johnson

    He’s having many different creative ideas at one time. Weed makes your
    brain focas on alot of things at once or focus very intensely on one
    fleeting idea.

  • stereomaster279

    When the narrator said “herbal terrorist” i died laughing.

  • TheChronicGamer29

    Turned it off as soon as the girl said “Jack Hauer” 0:07 …How good can
    this documentary possibly be?

  • Zach Johnson

    There is so much false information…

  • Legit6x6Joey

    Damnit…i was gonna say tthat

  • buggosmash

    The guy in the vid the guy drinked it wtf LIES

  • carbusstop111 .

    all 50 states……. not anymore hahahahaha