Hemp foods vs. THC saliva test

Richie from and Darius from put hemp foods to the test. Some State ministers in Australia are concer…
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Learn More At: How to get weed out of your system fast We can all agree having to take a drug test can be a bad…


  • kasiajacquot1971

    great video guys, good to see this test in action.


    how about not smoking weed? that seems to work for 80% of people.

  • mcboogerballs420

    I just smoked a quarter ounce of weed and Im getting drug tested in 5 min.
    am i fucked?

  • openbuddhistforum

    Wrong about proteins source : Go vegan (soy , spirulina, seitan)

  • Sean MacLeod

    Meat is a toxin. Eat 30 bananas a day, 3 liters a day and 3-4000 calories
    of fruit and veggies only. DUUUHHHH! You’ll never piss dirty and eventually
    you’ll look like brad Pitt. This is his diet. 

  • Cykromb

    I smoke daily for 2 years. Tomorrow I have to do a drug test. Am I fucked?

  • Alan Czyzykowski

    I drank about 3 times in my life and smoked about 5 times in my life .

  • berighteous

    Don’t smoke weed and you don’t have this problem.

  • ESP_Guitarist

    It was Johnny Hopkins and Sloan Kettering. And they were blazing that shit
    up every day.

  • Stay True

    Do they check for drugs when u take a school physical?? 

  • jimmiesrustler

    whats the music at the beginning? is it the same that vsauce uses?

  • edwin Delrio

    I don’t know y’all going to do people but I’m am going to work out. Because
    I got to do a dugs test tomorrow 🙁 I hope I pass 

  • InfamousPC

    And that’s why you never start drugs kids… Worrying about a drug test?

  • Cypher Duck

    i smoked an ounce 2 weeks ago is it all gone now or how much do i have to

  • German Armenta

    Weed is a. Gateway drug that’s true I tried different stuff after weed but
    is alcohol a gateway to liquor then to abuse of drinking how many people
    died of alcohol( most likely one died on alcohol as I type this) and how
    many on weed assholes

  • Sasuke Uchiha

    last time i smoked was little over month ago(first time smoking), how long
    will it stay in my system the next time i smoke?