Health Insurance Exchange: How Do I Choose the Healthcare Plan That is Right For Me?

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President Obama had pledged publicly at least 36 times that his health care plan, known as Obamacare, would not force people who liked their current coverage…
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  • Lewelyn Fidler

    When the force of government is used to obtain a “private” comonity, that
    is TYRANNY! This is the very essential componet the Founders steered the
    new nation away from. I nor you entitled to Healthcare alone with the rest
    of the country. I HAVE THE RIGHT TO THE “PERSUTE” OF HAPPYNESS, not of it!
    No entity exept God Himself has the ability of so. The role of goverment is
    to provide a path or “get out of my way! Every person has the capasity to
    seek and create their path towards it. Look around at other country’s as
    they attempt this idea, it over burden’s the system and access, guality and
    avalibility becomes scarce. Once upon a time, MRI on a WED, Radiologist
    read it on a Thur, instructed to get to Hospital on Friday (critical
    paralisis) Friday and surgury that Saterday …. all this from a system
    claimed to be broken……that soon will be nothing but a dream!

  • Rodney Graves

    How does one “misspeak” 36 times?


  • edvfd911

    Nixon, Lied, was forced to resign the Presidency…
    Clinton, Lied, was impeached…
    Obama has lied since he took the oath of office, this is just the 36 times
    it was caught on tape, I’ll be accepting his impeachment and resignation
    now, Thanks.

  • Darrin Walker
  • Sam Man

    I know EXACTLY why Obama waited until at least after the 2012 elections to
    pass ObamaCare. He knew it was full of absolute shit, and he knew he was
    lying about keeping your plan, so he waited to release the plan until AFTER
    the elections. He knew he would have lost in a complete landslide if he had
    released it.

  • Victor Henderson

    Uhh,… no you can’t. 

  • Marta Pirnat

    and you can keep the hole in your ass Obummer!

  • Wolfgang Poole

    36 Times Obama Said You Could Keep Your Health Care Plan

  • Justin Templer

    The Liar In Chief 

  • alstoq

    4.1 million have lost their plan – and still counting.

  • xxCCBBxx

    His flagship legislation failed miserably and his policies in the Middle
    East went unfulfilled. What does he do? Blame congress and blame bush.
    There is no accountability anymore. 

  • David Witt

    Obama is denying all of this… According to him he never said what we have
    record of him saying.

  • Chris Cassil

    If you… Ah never mind. 

  • newstart49

    He CANNOT tell the truth about anything, yet people keep listening to him
    and believing the foul crap that comes from his diseased mouth.

  • xxCCBBxx

    If Obama was judged by the content of his character rather than by the
    color of his skin as MLK wished, he would have never made it past the
    primaries. But if you challenge his legitimacy as president you’re
    automatically labeled a racist and a bigot… Instead you are expected to
    support left wing rhetoric that is filled with demagoguery and lacking of
    substance. I think more power needs to be delegated into the legislative
    branch instead of all of it feeding into the executive under this paternal
    president who thinks he can control the economy. People on the left love to
    think they’re smart and can manually solve all problems and steer the
    economy. People on the right are smart enough to understand that nobody is
    smart enough to do that without causing problems like this. 

  • FaceOfGod2

    Suddenly now there is a big “IF” after the “PERIOD, END OF STORY”. “We said
    you can keep your plan…IF your plan hasn’t changed since the law was
    passed”. This dildo really thinks we’re that stupid. He knows that we know
    what he said at least 36 TIMES! He doesn’t give a shit. He’s a great
    deceiver. That will be how Obama will go down in history. Liar!

  • tshirtfaction

    Good video! We also need one about Obama saying he will repeal the Patriot
    Act, as well as news clips talking about him signing the 4 year Patriot Act

  • Chuck Watson

    I wish he had added that it must meet new ACA standards in order to be a
    legal insurance plan. Maybe stop this obsessing on an obvious point. 

  • matsutakneatche

    the most ridiculous ‘leader’ in History.

  • Carl Favorito

    Fucking illegal alien, communist, globalist puppet LIAR, fraud. 

  • LowerTheBoom1

    Omaba is a total asshole!

  • Ryan Stephens

    Funny, some people actually believed this guy. HE LIED. PERIOD.

  • Sergio Perez


  • Gregory De Niro

    Funny, some people actually believed this guy. HE LIED. PERIOD.

  • Harry Marshall

    I’m Australian and I’m confused. How are people not allowed to keep their
    health plans anymore?

  • Calvin X

    hillarycare – obamacare – romneycare… New World Order Care

    #obamacare #newworldorder #newworldordercare #lies #sheeple