Hash / Kief Lollipops Cooking with Marijuana #112 Cannabis Candy

Hash / Kief Lollipops Cooking with Marijuana #112 Cannabis Candy

Learn how to make Hash Lollipops in this episode of Cooking with Marijuana. Cannabis hard candy made with kief / hash for maximum THC potency that is up to y…
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Patients Without Time presents, Medical Marijuana Cooking 101, which offers a lesson in cooking for medical marijuana patients. Medicine that’s yummy, too. F…


  • Tim Julian

    I don´t understand, surely you have to heat the herb for at least an hour
    in oil first, or do you decarboxulate (spelling?) first? With coconut oil
    you have to leave it for at least 3 hours.

  • Yngvar Tryggvi

    Do these lollypops smell like weed or like candy?

  • Jose Zepeda

    Does the hash get you high ? Like cannabutter high ? I ask because I dont
    know if hash is decarboxylated ? I thibk the hash works best I have seen to
    many comolaints about using cannabutter but am a bit hesitant as to the
    potency of the hash any insight

  • maz khatun

    what is hash?

  • Amanda Washabaugh

    can you make these with avb instead of hash? 

  • A. Smith

    I love it. I gave my mom a “funny lolypop” and she was giving me and my
    friends hugs & cookies by the ends of the night. Good stuff.

  • Robert Harrold

    can you also use bho wax in this recepie? Is there a different process to
    making it this way?

  • Cris pharaoh

    oh mannnnnnnnnnnnn sooooooooooooo dope!

  • Polskaboy33

    Dude is so high he thinks an ice cream scoop is a measuring spoon. Haha

  • Camilo Zuniga


  • litkate

    Drugs are bad for u wat if kids are watching this bad example

  • Anmol Sharma

    how does it taste like exactly

  • justinfs

    Is there a way I could use this recipe to make rock candy?

  • Jc Davies

    you get high off that????

  • D.L Clay


  • jamwah069

    can you please stop calling it marijuana… its Cannabis… PLEASE!!
    marijuana is a word used by the haters to demonize a miracle plant…

  • RuffHouse Studios

    Learn how to make Hash Lollipops in this episode of Cooking with Marijuana.
    Cannabis hard candy made with kief / hash for maximum THC potency that is
    up to you.

  • מתן אסולין

    will it work with weed instead?

  • Joseph Cisneros

    It decarbs wile you mix it?

  • Alicia Niemiec

    those look so yummy!!!! I just have to learn how to make hash!

  • Mushfiq Chowdhury

    Thank you so much….I made my own blue berry sour lolli pop….again thank
    you so much for the video. ..

  • Fuschia Toots

    This works really well. We also used candy molds for a hard candy without a
    stick but always have some left over, so we always prepare a cookie sheet
    with sticks just in case.

  • crazymama63

    looks awesome but as with all edibles I hate the taste, i’ve tried
    everything racked my growers (yes i’m a 420 patient) we can’t come up with
    a way to get around the aweful taste.I do a glycrine prep for my mom who
    has ms don’t think it would work also do a 151 alchol tincture for her.Do
    you think beeaking down dabs(which I love to make it’s like science class)
    would produce an end product with less nasty taste? any ideas i’m open
    thanks ……………..crazymama63

  • Vannak Cheng

    Great tutorial!

  • Daevo Rozo


  • Jerry Garner

    I’m sure this has it’s uses, but I want THC in my edibles.

  • KassperT

    Thank you very much for your series of videos and the work you do. I was
    recently diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and plan to soon get my
    medical marijuana card to treat with. Currently I am compiling research
    before I start treating my disease with marijuana and your efforts here are
    much appreciated.


    aloha Maybe time to start a petition…

  • Rotarnah Seung

    Wait but working with all of this marijuana isn’t there a catch? like being
    inspected by the police much.? or mandintory urine tests? things like that.?

  • JennyVan100

    sorry for the reply to an ooold post but hopefully you’ll answer. Why for
    safety reasons avoid cheesecloth please? I can’t obtain the leaf so i have
    to use prime buds (G13 Haze). I do get pain relief but also have
    experienced the enforced waking state from the resulting edibles!! It can
    be quite freaky but I generally find it can be easily enough countered by
    watching a calming TV program. You get incredibly into it and the
    sleepiness gradually comes on. Great to hear the science behind that..

  • Hector Ossandon

    5 people are police officer!

  • mammadukes1221

    @scumti77 u will not mess with my brownies douchebag! get a pipe or a bong!

  • Dominique913

    How do you make cookies with the bulk?


    aloha for safety reasons, avoid the cheesecloth and invest in a juicer

  • An Aaron

    Can I buy them from you? To fight off cancer this looks like a total life

  • OpeningYourEyes

    Great video ,, Very infomative 🙂 5*

  • irulepandorasbox

    Wow. I thank you. Great information here.

  • DancingRaven

    Excellent! Mahalo for your excellent video. Dancing Raven PS…… is
    so much better than narcotics that have adverse effects on my liver.

  • kryptonite069

    I have an important question, if i pick the stems from the nugs i smoke,
    the tiny ones can i use those for edibles? please get back to me as soon as

  • RennilousLSS

    Okay, this is great, but where do I get a recipe for using the “cake,” or
    dry debris after it goes through the juicer???

  • satanist666

    im sorry i had a bad day. any kind of cannabanoid would test possitive on a
    drug test.

  • pauloesnegro


  • rob minorkey

    i dont think so if its in your system its in your system.

  • RockerDaddyTazz

    I have switched back to using My Chocolate Fuzzy Tazz as my medication of
    choice, and have began to take very long restful naps during the day that
    helps deal with my tooth discomfort now too!! It is so awesome to have
    “Legal Access” to this Amazing Drug!! God Bless The People Of Canada for
    Giving it to me for FREE!! Thank You!! Bruce Webb CD Legal User #548 Sep

  • 671rAsTaGuAmBoI4LyPh

    and would the use of this medication pass urine samples?